Most Famous Chess Game Ever Played || “A Night at the Opera”

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  1. This should be marked as erotic content due to the seductive skill level of Morphy through chess.

  2. Is it a long story,? why was it called "night at the opera?"🤔

  3. That is a great game! Thank you for your excellent videos. As a long-time chess player, I consider your channel the best chess channel anywhere on the Internet.

  4. World class analysis of an entire game in about a minute!

  5. several years that I'm following your channel and videos so when ever I hear something about opera or any opera related stuff I suddenly remember this masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️ also you have changed so much along the way👍👍 when ever I see the old videos and compare them to the new ones like this one, I really feel you just evolved to a great artist too so I thank you for making Chess pleasant and enjoyable for everyone and every age, and not only you changed a lot but you changed us as well ❤️❤️❤️

  6. In these YouTube shorts, there is no "completely new game", no "feel free to pause the video and find the best move" and no "it was in this position he resigned the game". so basically this is not the Agadmator we know.

  7. short review, deep knowledge ❤ it's nice also to find shorts, i've satched hundreds of reviews

  8. I’ve played this entire game, move for move, against a random player on lichess. I was white, and have the game memorized, but I still don’t know if my opponent played all of the same moves to throw the game on purpose.

  9. Perhaps the most beautiful game ever played for its consistency, brevity and elegance

  10. Always loved Paul Murphy, nearly all of his games, had great games like this.

  11. The butcher's delight lasts for a few moves and sates his lust only momentarily. An artist's masterpiece is an evergreen pleasure that rhapsodizes all who gaze upon it through the ages. Bravo, Morphy!

  12. Wow fantastic Checkmate well done and executed sacrificing pieces and achieving his goal Way To Go very elaborate

  13. Nah, Murphy is surely a Butcher. He butchered that man's whole career.

  14. Beautiful game, beautiful short. Morphy did butcher something!

  15. Great, fantastic and immortal Paul Morphy!!! Respect forever!!! 👍👍👍

  16. Notice how Morphy more often than not uses all of his piceces. I don't mean he sacrifices pawn for rapid development, every single piece is doing something useful, which is common in most of his games. He sees so much geometry it blows my mind.

  17. Beautiful lesson and demonstration.Thank you very much.

  18. Whether music, movies, or chess, it's always good when it's called "Night at the Opera"

  19. Agad s spectacular 👍🏆😂

  20. That was excellent! I play the Philidor all the time and I haven't seen it before.

  21. That's the first time in chess I actively thought these guys were throwing down.

  22. I’m being honest, I’m not rlly a fan of the shorts

  23. It's Fun to Know that, Nowadays You are Doing Shorts also 🤔😍. Thank you for the Uploads

  24. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Happy new month agad! I see the opera game features an American Paul Morphy. But Magnus dislikes Americans. Why does Magnus say good things about non-American prodigies like Alireza, Arjun, Andrey Esipenko, Nodirbek, Pragg, Vincent Keymer, et al but not for American prodigies like Hans?

    Does Magnus Carlsen have something against Americans? Or Jews?


    I was told: (2022 Oct)

    There's also no doubt that Magnus generally dislikes americans- he said so on one of the Magnus effect podcast episodes.


    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against Jews more than Americans.)

    Part A. Main Americans
    Part B. But consider the non-Americans of the next generation:
    Part C. Cheating
    Part D. Additional
    Part E. Updates

    Bobby Fischer would agree with me and would side with Hans and Wesley over Magnus and Hikaru. I don't think Bobby would like the US gov today, but I think Bobby would like US players today esp Hans and Wesley So. I guess Magnus is the reverse: no political opinion re US gov but has something against American players, as Magnus admitted in podcast (see yev3a1 ).

    Part A. Main Americans

    A.1 – Hans Niemann (+ Hans' coach) is American.

    A.2 – Wesley So 'completely obliterated' (as agadmator said) Magnus Carlsen in the 9LX world championship 13.5-2.5 and 4-0. THIS INCLUDED 3 CLASSICAL GAMES IN A ROW. (Don't believe FIDE. 45+15=60 minutes in 2019 WFRCC is classical, not slow rapid. 25+7.5=32.5 minutes in 2022 WC is fast rapid, not slow rapid.) Magnus was 'deeply ashamed'. Later in the 2022 WC, FIDE lowered the time controls from classical to rapid to favour Magnus & Hikaru over Wesley So.

    A.3 – Bobby Fischer invented 9LX, which Magnus sucks at. Look at the low ratings Magnus gave of Bobby in that world champions ranked series. Larry Kaufman told me:

    Magnus doesn't generally play such great openings, he strives to get the game out of book as early as possible usually. I think the issue here is that his greatest strength is the endgame, but FRC games are much more likely to be decided in the middlegame as the players are on their own so early. That's probably why he doesn't shine as brightly in FRC as in Classical chess.

    A.4 – Actually, the above 3, Hans Niemann, Wesley So and Bobby Fischer are like Beth Harmon: Each is 'a prodigy, had a rather dark childhood and is American'. Their stories about overcoming their struggles in childhood are very inspirational. Magnus rated The Queen's Gambit 5 out of 6, only 2nd highest rating. Kinda like Magnus in classical 9LX: only the 2nd highest player.

    Part B. Consider next gen non-Americans:

    B.1 – Pragg: 'Magnus gives Pragg today round of APPLAUSE after his Stunning performance' (2022 Julius Baer Generation Cup)

    B.2 – Andrey Esipenko: Magnus 'didn't say anything when got beaten by Esipenko'. But wait is Andrey Jewish?

    B.3 – Alireza: Magnus wouldn't play 2023 WCC unless Alireza won candidates.

    Part C. Cheating

    C.1 – Magnus cheated against Jewish American Danya on lichess twice: David Howell 2021. Aryan Tari 2022.

    C.2 – Magnus cheated against Jewish Russian Nepo in 2021 WCC with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' to gaslight the reporter.

    C.3 – Magnus also cheated in 2019 blitz WCC in distracting Alireza. Yes Magnus spoke in Norwegian on own turn BUT AFTER punching clock continued to talk on Alireza's turn.

    (See Ha6uVGB-Mtw )

    Irrelevant unless Alireza's Jewish. Just wanted to say. Lol.

    Part D. Additional:

    D.1 – Magnus described Hikaru Nakamura as merely 'decent'. (However now, Hikaru is a traitor to the US for siding with Magnus over Hans, just as Daniil Dubov is a traitor to Russia for siding with Magnus over Nepo & Sergey.)

    D.2 – Eric Rosen beat Magnus in 9LX.

    D.3 – Magnus condescendingly asked Andrea Botez how knights move. (Btw papabotez said on reddit that Andrea is dual citizens contrary to what Wikipedia said at the time.)

    D.4 – Magnus quit the 2022 Sinquefield Cup, named after American Rex Sinquefield and hosted in St Louis Chess Club in the US.

    D.5 – Also there was that thing with Maurice Ashley in 2017.

    D.6 – When Jewish American Fabi switched from Italy to the US, Magnus said the US was 'buying nerds'. To this day, the only opponents Magnus haven't beaten in classical WC games are Americans Fabi & Wesley So.


    Part E. Updates:

    Look up
    'Is Magnus against Americans?' ft Kostya Kavutskiy


    I was told
    'Magnus, like most Scandinavians, probably feels like America is a bit of a barbaric country.' – American NM John Chernoff aka zugaddict from lichess aka GargleBlaster from chessc*m told me in chat in 2022Sep.

    Americans won 5 tournaments in 9LX in a row from 2019Nov to 2022Oct, namely FIDE 2019, St Louis 2020, St Louis 2021, St Louis 2022 and FIDE 2022. Then there's a European in 2nd place.

    I was told by oprocyona in 2022 Oct:

    'Many decisions in tournament chess are made to favor the player that brings in the most sponsorship dollars and views, which is undoubtedly Magnus. There's also no doubt that Magnus generally dislikes americans- he said so on one of the Magnus effect podcast episodes.'

    Here's the link I was given: Magnus Effect episode 2 – 20 Best Ways to Introduce Yourself

    As for tournament decisions, see 'Parallel between Hans and Fischer Random 2022?'

    (Source: ydwn2y & yev3a1)

    P.S. Who's the biggest sore loser?

    Light Yagami (death note),

    Magnus (chess),

    Garrett Adelstein (poker),

    Carlsen (chess960)

    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against Jews more than Americans.)

    P.P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


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