Most Confusing Player | Chess Players Answer (2019)

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley asks the Croatia GCT players which player confuses them the most.

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  1. I’m the most confusing player.
    Even I don’t know what I’m doing.

  2. Wesley So's description of Levon was very similar to how a GM described playing me when I was younger…..half the time I play like a GM, and half the time I play like a 500 ELO player…

  3. I love how Fabiano Caruana at 1:00 says none of the top players confuse him!

  4. Aronian confused by his own self 🤣🤣🤣

  5. It's a shame that in order to be a master chess player you almost always have to be a virgin. It's a tough trade off.

  6. Quite surprised none of them said Ivanchuk. You just never know what you're getting when you're playing against him. For Ivanchuk, its more of an art than a game. He sees a form of beauty in it that other players just don't see. And so he might just go for completely out of the blue weird moves that often completely confuse his opponents but lead down absolutely beautiful lines.

  7. Shouldnt have put Karjakin on there! Ban that guy from the chessboard!

  8. Karjakin is confusing everybody by supporting a genocide of his own people.

  9. I was expecting everyone to say "Ivanchuk"

  10. I confuse myself when I play too! Maybe I have GM potential.

  11. I love how Sergey Karjakin always supports his countryman Ian Nepomniatchi

  12. Magnus Carlsen is still struggling against Ding Liren

  13. Thats a horrendous beard, Levon. Glad he shaved it off. Or if he didn't he should.

  14. Why is Karjakin being showcased in this video? In light of his recent actions, I find this in extremely bad taste.

  15. didn't realise Karjakin had braces. thats cool

  16. MVL: Levon
    Karjakin: Nepo
    Shakhriyar: Nakamura
    Nakamura: Ding
    Ding: Nakamura
    Wesley: Levon
    Levon: Levon
    Fabiano: none
    Magnus: Ding/Fabiano

  17. so everybody seems to know magnus very well and still he is the champ?

  18. Anish Giri. Because I'll just be worried and confused about my sexuality when I'll be looking at his arrogant beautiful face

  19. Levon seems like Hikaru in Hikaru no Go.

  20. If you don't know what you are doing, neither does your enemy

    Levon Aronian, The Art of War

  21. everyone: names another player by saying how good they are
    Hikaru: lists a player who doesn't do well against him and goes on to talk about how awesome he is at chess

    Ladies, find yourself a man who loves you like Hikaru loves himself.

  22. Hikaru: “Ding, I don’t know why I keep beating him”
    Ding: “Hikaru, I don’t know why he keeps beating me”

  23. Levon: I don't know what Im doing so no one else will either

  24. I think Magnus is most confused player, question asked was who is most confusing player and he answers contenders for tournaments

  25. Karjakin doesn't not deserve to be here anymore!

  26. Yes, Levon’s facial hair is reeeaally confusing there

  27. Interesting that Naka trashes Ding, Ding gets the better of Magnus, but Magnus annihilates Naka.

  28. Everyone finds Levon confusing.
    Levon finds himself confusing.

  29. I can’t handle Ding’s wholesomeness 😫

  30. i think Ding because is the player closer to machines… he calculate like stockfish most of the times. Magnus knows that.

  31. Magnus is confused about someone can give him a tough fight .

  32. Now, we have a chess triangle between Magnus, Hikaru and Ding

  33. Karma… naka lose in the most important moment of his career against ding

  34. Everyone hating on Hikaru for being a bit cocky. I say let him be. Like how else could he say what he said without sounding arrogant. It was something interesting to know. Just say how it is.

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