Most Confusing Chess Players

At the Grand Chess Tour 2019, the participating Chess players answered the question which of the other players confuse them the most. #Chess #magnuscarlsen #checkmate


  1. you're telling me other people are confusing the one and only Magus?

  2. Hikaru confuse is not by "bad" way but in insult way😂

  3. To Confuse Your Enemy, You Have To Confuse Yourself First.
    :–) Levon

  4. "The enemy cant know what youre doing if you yourself dont know what youre doing" -levon

  5. "Your opponent won't know what are you doing if you don't know what are you doing"
    – Sun Tzu, the art of war (ft.Levon)

  6. Hikaru and Ding were life partners in their previous life.

  7. Levon and others are accurate of him 🤣

  8. Magnus should say i dont understand your question ❓

  9. Nepo can confuse you on the board and in life too 🤣🤣 I am dead

  10. Chester Chua Digital I Ligaya PhotoCinema says:

    Wesley So was a Filipino who migrated to United States for better opportunity. What a big loss for our country.

  11. Istg I thought Abraham Lincoln reincarnated when Levon suddenly appeared with that beard

  12. …I may be misinterpreting what he's trying to say, but Hikaru's comment about Ding Liren kinda felt to me like he's throwing shade. It seems like he's basically saying "I don't understand how he keeps beating top players, because when I play him, he doesn't seem that good."

    I'm genuinely not trying to vilify Hikaru, that's just how it sounds to me. Am I imagining that?

  13. It’s like rock, paper, scissors

    Hikaru beats deng
    deng beats magnus
    Magnus beats Hikaru

  14. Ding, Hikaru, and Magnus are the 3 spiderman pointing at each other

  15. Did levons shaving machine stop working mid shave?😭

  16. Magus never messes up. You make a bad move and his predicted attack sequence is interrupted 😄

  17. Ironic that a man that knows all answers to all questions becomes an interviewer. Maybe to keep his abilities honed? Weighs heavy on the shoulders…

  18. Maturity is when you realise a 18 years old indian🇮🇳 kid enough to compete 💪 magnus at World chess championship 🗿

  19. It’s not ego 😅any player not confused me

  20. Interesting… Spassky said that he could not understand Karpov’s thinking.

  21. Every math teacher confuses us the most

  22. I literally thought playing styles are like rock paper scissors, and it turns out it's one of the top comments lmao

  23. New legend entered this world

  24. That none of them said Magnus is super telling and super scary. It means they know exactly what Magnus is doing, and yet he’s still able to do it to them time and again. GOAT.

  25. Did Magnus just casually say Ding is an “up and coming” player 😭😭😭

  26. Ian Nepo getting little love, which is odd. "Good Nepo" is nigh-unbeatable and "Bad Nepo" blunders a full rook in World Championships.

  27. My man Fabi gave the best answer: "None of them confuse me."

  28. Hikaru : I still don't care about anyone except ding

  29. Magnus : nepo blundered 4 times in World championship matches, I don't know if he was confusing me or he is funny,,, I was totally confused

  30. Anish Giri : I am the most confusing player for everyone because they don't know when I'm going to offer them a draw 😉

  31. Since what age these grandmasters start training chess?

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