Most Awkward Chess Handshake Ever ft. Alireza Firouzja at Chess World Cup 2021

Watch the hilarious moment from Round 2 of #FIDEWorldCup

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  1. If my friends don’t greet me like this then I don’t wanna be friends 😤

  2. Chess tournaments : you'll find the most awkward handshakes !

  3. Rock crushes Scissors, paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts paper.

  4. Its their gang sign and They have to do it so both know they in the same gang

  5. This is called the Covid handshake. It does not involve any actual touching of the hand. It is a pity they did all the handwork at first, and then finally broke the protocol with the regular handshake.

  6. They were actually playing rock, paper, scissor to decide who should win. Only the final part was the handshake.

  7. I love this handshake. Totally intentional

  8. By the way, you can see this bastard plays/thinks really well because he is the one that moves his hand back to reset things. Quick thinking man

  9. Without the ability for filming only one human will have ever seen this.
    Now imagine how much you missed from life!

  10. It could easily be a handshake code directly from Compton.
    Gangsta chess players.

  11. Rule 1 in chess: Never let your opponent know your next move

  12. A handshake is like a game of chess is like a swordfight, you got to think first before you move.

  13. Other guys fault for fist bumping when everyone usually just shakes hands lol

  14. 0:13 Me replaying the video a hundredth time to figure out what in the f*ck were they doing.

  15. they are so smart that they tried to predict each other's movements

  16. They were actually playing an advanced game of rock paper scissors!

  17. Was botta become more awkward when he reached his hand back, since after reaching his hand back the opponent almost started putting his hand back and if that did happen and the person who put his hand back put his hand back into the shaking position it would have been even more awkward

  18. Fide should declare it as official handshake. Everyone has to do it before game, will relieve lot of tension before game.

  19. I dont know who got better out of this opening

  20. Alireza in his head – "let's do a fist bump, no shake, no bump, no shake… aight I am just gonna pretend we shook, sh*t I left my homie hanging"

  21. Surely this must be a draw by threefold repetition?

  22. Rock! Paper. Rock? Paper! Rock! PAAAAPPPAAEEEERR!!! *inhales…… RRRRRRRRRROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA..
    -ok never mind
    -ok paper

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