Most annoying chess player habits | Skilling Open

What annoying habits do top-level chess players have? World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Vidit Gujrathi, Anish Giri and more top chess players spill the beans! Watch the players in action in the Skilling Open, the 1st event on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour:

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  1. Plot twist. Wesley was saying something so inappropriate that this was the only way out

  2. 1:21 Badest Ending Did not allowed So to speak…..🤣🤣🤣

  3. I am exactly like Hikaru shaking my head but I am the one who be in trouble 🦦

  4. Giri : When Kramnik starts to make faces, you know its game over.

  5. Wesley cursing Hikaru's mother at the end…got bleeped out.

  6. Maybe Tania can use the word "absolutely" lesser 😅😅 i mean seriously its way too much and so irritating

  7. I think the guy that edited this video does not like So

  8. The reason the clips have a "tail" of a few seconds, is because they are made to be shown during a broadcast, and they need a small buffer so the screen doesn't go to black when switching back to the studio. Common in TV production.

    It looks very stupid on Youtube though, so they probably should have taken the time to make two versions.

  9. Medical reason for sniffing when you're winning. What condition is this?

  10. Wtf ¿elite chess players r human??

  11. Wesley was also complaining about the editor and… here you go.

  12. I also hate it when the players sit down on the table. Kinda makes it hard to move my pieces.

  13. They just decided to mute Wesley cuz he probably said something about Magnus lol

  14. When my opponent glances at the table and starts thinking, I know, I'm in a big trouble.

  15. Hikaru's answer: "Yeah, like you know it's like ummm huh umm ya know yeah like yeah"

  16. This channel is having a sudden increase in subscribers.a lot of subscribers in just one day after collab with samay,sagar and Magnus!!!

  17. Plot twist: Hikaru’s editing the audio and he purposely cut out the back of Wesley’s part so he wouldn’t get exposed

  18. instead of sitting down on the table though…

  19. And the 2020 Best Edited Video Award goes to this video for the amazing question in the air about what Wesley left to say that will be unveiled to you in the next Season of Annoying things chess players do and for the dramatic ending that leaves you wondering and excited for the next season of the show. Gotta take my hat off to the marketing team. Jokes aside thx for the amazing content chess24.

  20. Chess is not like poker, there are no tells only moves

  21. Why does magnus have the best setup tho 😂😂

  22. How about opponents with bad teeth and bad breath? Imagine you play 3 hours against someone smelling like shit. Imagine someone farting alot while playing.

  23. I don't get what Vidit said… In the beginning we move pieces slowly, but Harikrishna still does it? Does what?

  24. I like how they muted Wesley So at the end proving his most annoying feature

  25. The spotless fish osmotically notice because college methodologically untidy within a long death. tightfisted, military tailor

  26. why is this the worst ending ive ever seen to a video

  27. Person beware of this site, you can't trust it, I was disconnected without my internet going down, I lost a game that was well in the game! Slutty!

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