Most annoying chess player habits | Skilling Open

What annoying habits do top-level chess players have? World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Vidit Gujrathi, Anish Giri and more top chess players spill the beans! Watch the players in action in the Skilling Open, the 1st event on the $1.5 million Champions Chess Tour:

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  1. why is this the worst ending ive ever seen to a video

  2. Person beware of this site, you can't trust it, I was disconnected without my internet going down, I lost a game that was well in the game! Slutty!

  3. Imagine doing all these annoying thing in one game.

  4. Jesus christ you here all complaining sniffling and standing up in the middle of the game? Its a coughing tournament for god sakes.

  5. Mais uma vez me desconectou sem minha internet ter caido, perdi pontos! pela porcaria, site não confiável!!! Lamentável!!!!

  6. Plot twist: Wesley was swearing at Hikaru at the end, so the editor needed to mute him

  7. Who the heck edited this and why is your favourite food crayon?

  8. I thought Carlsen would complain about the way Aronian rolls up his sleeves

  9. Wesley So and Mike Tyson would really get along

  10. Magnus' most annoying habit is to win, i'm quite sure that his opponents would say so! 😀

  11. lol, everyone knows Hikaru Will always tell you with his expressions if you did a good or a bad move XD

  12. The Sopranos writers wrote the final of this video.

  13. Wesley: Why y'all silent me i'm still speaking?
    Editor: So?

  14. If you could talk in chess definitely the last dudes lisp would be the most annoying.

  15. Spinning eaten peaces. Seen Magnus do it. More than annoying.

  16. Come on, you guys should have better editors

  17. Wesley's voice was so annoying I had to mute him.

  18. discovering that the chess community on youtube apparently leaves the funniest comments

  19. Really annoying when Super GM's offer me a draw right out of the opening..

  20. wesley so's annoying talking habits and mute at the end.

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  22. The mature tailor meteorologically mix because chime summatively report around a roomy kettle. serious, succinct knight

  23. Looks like Wesley had a lot more to say and then he got muted and the video ended in awkwardness.

  24. Is it just me or does Wesley So look like the armored titan?

  25. I hate it when my opponent won't sit on the table.

  26. Hey. I loved the work! I have been trying to search for a video like yours that informs the topics in this vid! 👍 🩺 The part at 1:23 is my favorite. Your tip reminds me of the videos from Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan's videos are really informative and he helped me on my practice. He is an educational Dr in the UK and he talks about diabetes!

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  27. I think Magnus's most annoying habit is winning, it annoys the hell out of his opponents.

  28. I could edit better than this and ive only edited a few videos..

  29. Wesley at the end : at that point i usually poke my opponent eyes and then rip their chest with my mouth.

  30. It's look like Nakamura edited this video

  31. and with that, they all revealed their weaknesses

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