Messi And Ronaldo Play Chess!

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  1. Messi vs Ronaldo is as much of a debate as Hikaru vs Magnus

  2. ronaldo easy dub, way more work ethic and messi is dumb

  3. there has only been one world cup game at this moment that I'm being asked who won it. The game was won 2-0 by Ecuador against Qatar.

  4. Ironic that Magnus Carlsen is a huge Real Madrid fan, but still considers Messi the goat

  5. Funny that Messi, being an argentinian, was portrayed getting into a Najdorf with black, as Najdorf was a polish-argentinian grand master. Kudos to the producer of the photoshoot!

  6. I think the Najdorf is one of the most fascinating openings in chess, for me the absolute first, and it's also the position you get after following all the first moves of the database. Since this game was a Najdorf, the most simbolic opening in chess, that's why they chose it.

  7. Hey Leo what is this game we imitate by the way?

  8. the last chess rivalry that rivaled Messi vs Ronaldo was Kasparov vs Karpov…

  9. I'm just going to start reporting these videos man. Like every video you post is the most egregious click bait I've seen since like 2010 YouTube.

  10. I’d stopped watching ur channel since the beginning of ur road to GM videos with ur secret coach (I have no idea who it is if his identify was revealed or not in the end lol) and I just came back for this, and you’ve honestly gone a big way, your commentary was probably much better than it used to be and I genuinely enjoyed this video most out of all the ones u posted!:) gonna get back on watching them

  11. If you say soccer i will unsubscribe :))

  12. Fianco is "side", fianchetto is "little side" verbatim but it's just a chess term.
    The game of chess is called "gioco degli scacchi" (read it like "skakky" the last letter is like you read Levy and not Levi).

  13. Messi should be playing Magnus not the other way around. Big L Louis Vuitton

  14. Hello I’m an Italian chess player, “fianchetto” means small spot on the side 😊

  15. Hello from the future. Very proud to tell you England won the world cup. Peace from London.

  16. Magnus surely is the Messi of chess and Hikaru Ronaldo… not the opposite

  17. Fianchetto means literally put on the side or put on the flanck

  18. For everyone saying Levi is clickbait and complaining – if you don’t like the videos or have a problem then either: A – don’t watch and then you won’t have anything to complain about or B – watch and don’t complain.

  19. No it's not Modric was a best player bcs we get 2 post with awerage team on Wc in Russia

  20. Bruh, I was so excited to see Messi and Ronaldo play, but that is just the game that the photo was based on. Its funny how clickbait got from exagerating things to straight up lying.

  21. Federer vs Nadal vs Djokovic is a big GOAT debate

  22. Fianchetto doesn't have an exact meaning. It has 2 meanings: something with car (I forgot what was it) and pushing a pawn on a chess board that is in front of a knight to put a bishop on the square that pawn was on


    i usually try to say bad things to get pin of shamed, but this video was actually sh1t, like, they didn't play that, they just fking sit there and pretend that they know how the knights move… Just call the video "Magnus vs Hikaru 2017 recap"

  24. I think any GOAT status debate is going to be intense to some degree.. unless the sport produces records like Mayweather's 50-0 or even chess ELO scores. Even then there's arguments about the quality of opponents one person faced in comparison to the quality another person faced… Too much meta

  25. You are the GOAT, by saying "football" and not "soccer"

  26. Hey Levy, just found this in 2023. Messi won the World Cup with Argentina just so you know 👍🏻

  27. I think it was deliberate by Leibowitz in choosing that game. The game reflects the debate as to who the better of the two is.

  28. Commenting from 2023, letting you know that Brazil won the World Cup.

    (I never followed Football, I hope it's a decent guess. Pretty sure they used to dominate.).

  29. they also play football from time to time

  30. Yessir I was expecting Levyto say soccer 😂 atleast Speed ain't the only person who's bringing football to the states

  31. "One piece is inside of the other…. NOT like that." 😂😂😆

  32. The highlight was the death of one of the players

  33. Maradonna Vs Pele is also a huge head to head in football if we are talking old times too (you did also mention Jordan) so i presume its allowed lol

  34. When Real Madrid play Barcelona, this is known as El Classico

    When Magnus played Hikaru, this was in Altibox Norway Chess back in June 2017.

    Carlsen, Magnus (2832) ½-½ Nakamura, Hikaru (2785)

    When 2 top players go head to head, this is known as a classic.

    Also, this game had a classical time control. 1 hour 30 mins plus 30 seconds per move.

    I wonder if Louis Vutton did this deliberately?

    Are they connecting El Classico with Classical Chess?

  35. Great bro, you said Football that is the only valid word.

  36. Messi is clearly the GOAT of football

  37. You are right, I would not be watching this video in 2019. I would have been watching agadmator like a true fan of chess

  38. Is there going yo he recaps of the meltwater or speedchess championship?

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