Memes About Chess Are Funny

Cursed Moments! #vaazkl

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  1. Someone once asked
    "What do you prefer chess or s*x "
    I said
    "It depends on the position "

  2. What opening did you use, the french defense.

  3. The guillotine gambit . A very impressive move from french

  4. Bro that second to last one is genius

  5. Plot twist: Gavin was playing against a chess ai

  6. Yo why is the “how do I learn chess in 30 minutes” one actually really smart tho..

  7. Things you can say during chess and in bed:
    ,,I'm gonna ram your queen with my tower"

  8. Technically you can say anything he didn't specified it had to be related to chess OR beds

  9. "So, you mate in two movements? Really?"

  10. “What’s something you can say in chess and in bed”

    Just move already

  11. Bro really got the French edition 💀

  12. if i had 1 dollar for every jump cut this guy uses i could solve world hunger

  13. I love how people are relating the game of chess with the game on bed.

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