Memes About Chess Are Funny

Cursed Moments! #vaazkl

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  1. Yeah man I hate the French defense as well

  2. Things you can say during chess and bed:

    "You said this was your first time, why are you so good at it?" or "You said this wasn't your first time, why are you so bad at it?"

    Depending on your skill level

  3. Queen can't move because she funking dies

  4. for the last one, I broke through your defences and I'm now coming.

  5. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II.

  6. What you can say in bed and playing chess?

    I can finish you by 7 move

  7. "What can you say in chess and in bed?"
    Me: im going to fork you

  8. Im gonna fork you (its in an accent that makes it sound like you know what)

  9. im gonna get this queen,ez pick up line for nerds

  10. The last one shoulda been I’m bout to beat ur ass 😂😂😂

  11. Whats something youcan say in september 11th 2001 and in chess

  12. "The queen is trapped eat her my knights!"

  13. Buddy you can’t save your king you’ve squared up with the French revolutionaries

  14. Things you can say in bed and chess
    "The queen's mine!"

  15. Pawns cut their pp after they promote to queen

  16. As a gavin who plays chess, this is our daily basis

  17. When I first saw your profile picture, I thought it was Rick Ashley LOL 😂

  18. Things you can say in chess and bed

    "My pawn became a bishop"

  19. Bro was playing chess in the french revolution with the king Louis XVII 💀💀

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