Meet New York City’s Street Chess Players (Street Chess Ep.2)

We are proud to bring you this five-episode portrait of Street Chess across the United States, and a celebration of the resilient communities that have formed through the universal love of the game.

This episode explores the eclectic group of street chess players in New York City, and tells the stories of how their paths are entwined with the beating heart of the city.

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  1. 5 minutes man, that's too fast for me. I'm gonna get hustled all over the parks

  2. Can’t wait to go back to nyc some day and play with some of these guys!

  3. This is so dope… I dream about going to nyc to play these guys.

  4. I came from a video with tc in it. That's fucked up rip King

  5. Would love to keep making videos of new york scene. Beat place to play chess in the world.

  6. I used to see Nahshon everyday,"Id rather teach ya than beatcha" he…he is UNREAL.

  7. Heard somewhere these guys make $50-100 an hour? That would be a hustle…

  8. Going to New York this weekend! Can’t wait to hit up Washington park

  9. I wanna play street chess so badly. I want to get any chances to play more in person chess I love board chess so much as opposed to onlineWhere I live, it's very far away for the closest chess park and the chess park is with big chess sets (the chess pieces the size of children big). There might be some clubs that I don't know how to find nearby. I have some pretty good friends (that got me into chess) but they don't want to anymore and we only played it during lunch break back in the day which is short. But also it would be fun to play so many different people that I don't even know over the board

  10. any1 that actually enjoys LARGE scale chess mockups and the televizion series power cheap glass pieces probably talks more than he should via the abuv _ thanks for the semi motivational chess content blitz chess vs pandemic conspiracy experts!!!!!!!

  11. I would watch a 3 hour documentary on this. I hope someone is making one.

  12. I think 'Street Countdown' is far tougher.If you don't know, I'll just leave this here….. Tnetennba. Read it and weep Street Chess….🤣✝

  13. That the chess hustler who got beat by Hikaru?

  14. i cant find epidose one? Can someone send the link? thanks!

  15. If you travel north for an hour, you’d find some real good chess players in Bridgeport, CT. They’re awesome.

  16. Don't usually comment, but this series is good. Keep it going.

  17. the tattoo on that guy's forehead is a sigil of Lucifer

  18. Love this series! Looking forward to the next episode.

  19. This is what non-professional chess is all about, baby.

    Beautiful stuff. Appreciated!

  20. so sad to hear about TC!! had no idea he passed 🙁 RIP to a great NYC chess player

  21. Most useless video on chess, if it Can even be called that. Smh.

  22. Chess has become more popular over the last 40 years as unemployment rose. Arts and crafts have too.
    There was a huge boom with Bobby Fischer beating communism by himself,–but then they had to go to work and make a living, still having jobs to go to before we gave our free enterprise to china. Remember those days? Anybody?

  23. A devil worshiping chess player? That was a curve ball.

  24. Hello, my name is James Williamson. As a chess player, I assume you are always looking for the opportunity to challenge an opponent of equal or better ability as yourself. I offer you a different kind of challenge. I have created a strategy board game that combines elements of chess, checkers, and poker into a uniquely different board game. I have posted videos introducing the game, explaining how to play the game as well as videos showing the game being played. My hope is, that you would go to James Williamson King’s Row and watch a video or two and give me your honest opinion of my claim, that King’s Row is the next great strategy game.

  25. Not a lot of communities that have an age range of at least 40 years. Amazing video and well told!

  26. You're not playin' chess. You're playin' mess.

  27. This is my home. Sit down and be prepare to lose everything.

  28. "Because we know they are trying to support themselves… in the best way they know"– Is a great line.

  29. I saw crazier things happen in the Chess Shop West 4th late 90’s early 2000’s than many places I’ve traveled throughout the developed and “developing” world. Violence being just one. Ahhh those were the days. Also if anyone watches this and is / was down with the scene and in NYC… is there a guy who goes by V (I’m using discretion and won’t give his full name out but he almost never did either) still around? I could never get a dead bead on his age but he wasn’t a spring chicken when I was friends with him. Stayed with me on a number of occasions and spent MANY hours together. He CERTAINLY had an influence on my development. If you know / knew him you know his character is that strong (+ & -). He didn’t have a fixed address when I knew him. Anyway if he’s still alive and kicking and someone knows him or has his contact info (he only had a voicemail) hit me up.

  30. Needless to say V could play Chess. And play it EXTREMELY well.

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