Me learning a new chess opening

Made by @HarrisAlterman

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  1. The guicio piano is the most unsatisfying thing ever

  2. To me chess is like:learn overcome adapt

  3. i keep doing the same kings gambit four knights variation💀

  4. >Learns Caro-Kann
    >Opponent plays hillbilly attack

  5. this is what keeps me from learning some openings because some people don't know them or won't play them.

  6. Me after playing queens opening for the 248376th time

  7. I only play d4 because there so many easy ways to play against whatever your opponent plays

  8. Guy who taught me chess is furious when I wise up to his opening… I wonder why😮😮

  9. I learned the tennison gambit just incase blacks plays d5 after my e4, it has happened 3 times since I’ve learned it and has helped me win twice. I do recommend practice games against 500elo bots before playing against a real person( I am 450 in bullet so I usually do 400 bots)

  10. Not for me I am english and scisillian player and I am an AFM

  11. That’s why when learning a opening learn the most common variations and if your a nerd learn all of them have fjn

  12. bro want him to play knight f6 . to do fried liver atack

  13. Me trying to learn queens gambit,
    Me going back to ruy lopez.
    Me trying to learn Caro Kann Defense,
    Be going back to just randomly place pieces.

  14. That's why you learn London and King's indian: Because you are too lazy to learn multiple openings. 😎

  15. I kinda like it better because it’s boring playing prepared and memorized lines if rather get out of prep so I can play actual chess.

  16. just wait until he learned Queen’s Wayward Scholars Mate

  17. Me: dont know your opponent know the fried liver opening
    Opponent:I know what are you gonna do

  18. Improvise, adapt, overcome

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