Massive Chess Drama Update


0:00 Intro
2:00 Lawsuit
5:22 Hans Tournament
23:58 World Rapid

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  1. "Will one of them punch the other? This is top tier stuff!" Ah, yes. The epic highs and lows of world class chess.

  2. 8:27 this isn't checkmate as the king can move down the board. Is the continuation check with the bishop forcing the king into a discovered rook check, winning the white queen? Or is there a mate?

  3. @Gotham slow down man!! I love your commentary but I'm only a 1300 and want to follow the chess. You're making that impossible

  4. Those bishops looks like something Hans would use. Now you can never unsee this. You're welcome.

  5. I dont think that Magnus will punch him, maybe he will swing him with leaf

  6. “at your level white just wouldn’t see that the rook is hanging” ..great work insult your viewer base

  7. Starts to seem like he wasn’t cheating against Magnus

  8. Awesome content like always, Levy. Thank you xxx I am not a Hans fan, but support the GOAT of chess. Keep up the excellent work. Much appreciated xxx

  9. This video was some serious buttlicking of Hans Močke Niemand…

  10. Levy we need more UFC commenting from you

  11. Look and sounds better with Playback = 1.25

  12. In the game versus Wagh Suyog, isn't Hans black instead of white?

  13. Man, hans wants to eat his cake and have it to. He stitched some huge synthetic balls to his vagina.

  14. There's drama in chess now? Or maybe there always was?

  15. Levy thinking he’s the bad boy of chess is like Gonzo thinking he’s the bad boy of the muppets while Animal is in the background breaking shit.

  16. I really love how you do some news but you always find a way to work actual games of chess and analysis into the video as well. I’m watching for the news stuff usually but then 5 mins in I realize I’m watching you talk about chess haha

  17. Idk man, all the moves seem like cheating, plus hans just has an "im a cheater" face.

  18. Has anyone proved Hans cheated on those wins agains Magnus or is just that "oh he won ranking too fast on last years" point?

  19. gotham chess we need you to recap the andrew tate game, hes the goat

  20. Am i the only one thinking Hans is right? If you don't have a solid proof of him cheating, shut up. They ruined his reputation without any proof

  21. Hope you get well soon, dude. Thanks for the video.

  22. Informative video. Thanks Levy, the bad boy of Gotham

  23. we don't care about a cheater's games. we care about what magnus will do if he matches up against him

  24. Why are Carlsen and Hikaru creating more variables in this lawsuit? I mean.. just pay the money and everyone can go home happy

  25. Merry Christmas to you Levi!! (or whatever you choose to celebrate!). You have done well grasshopper!! I have enjoyed your channel throughout the year. Wishing you good health and continued success!! Cheers!!

  26. Hans played the Caro against a guy named Kaan. This has to be for the lolz, no?

  27. He was so chill in the Games and won effortless. I believe he had the Plug but it wasn‘t on. You know. Just for the feeling.

  28. You mean Hans has been on VIBRATE, not fire….😂

  29. Your love for this game is intoxicating, you're my favorite chess comentator

  30. Can we have the publication of the standings in each of your recap pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase

  31. Imagine a plot twist in the end of that story – Hans just got that neuralink implant and now have stockfish in his head

  32. Hey Levy, speaking for me and so many in the community, thank you for your content. You make the game fun!

    I hope you’re having a great holiday and I plan to keep watching into the new year 🙂

  33. I wonder why the chess world dont know how cheaters work. Once a cheater in a multiplayer setting, always a cheater. And good players cheat more than bad players. Good players cheat to reach great results faster. If you ever get caught cheating, or admit to cheating (like hans did) it should be a permanent ban from all chess competitions for life. Because…. ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER. It is how cheaters work, especially at the top level. Like check Riolu from Trackmania as a recent example of high level cheating. A great player, that cheats to be the best Faster. Hans is cheating now, he cheated in the past, and he will cheat in the future. Why is the Chess community so bad at handling cheaters that admit to cheating? "mistakes of youth" is not a thing, once a cheater, always a cheater.

  34. I like you cover Hans it in the video for the update, but he's well above the rating and strength of the field of this tournament, it is no wonder he outplays everyone, like him destroying a 2200 it is a bit not too interesting. Happy Holidays everyone!

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