MASSIVE Chess Cheating Update!

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  1. Thank you Gotham for doing this. Awesome content

  2. Maybe "cara a cara" (face-to-face) for over-the-board in Spanish? I'm not sure. But I'm really impressed with your accent. I'm proud of having learned pretty decent Spanish. But you seem to also know fluent Russian (from family background I guess) and achieve credible pronunciation of names from the many nationalities that made up the old Soviet Union. I appreciate it, and I'm sure the owners of the names do as well. So few Americans can speak any language with any degree of authenticity, or even try to.

    Okay, apologies for a completely off-topic comment. The video is very convincing. It seems pretty clear that Kramnik is getting older and having trouble dealing with the many younger players who are advancing very rapidly in this modern age of online chess and the Covid chess boom. I think that Magnus momentarily suffered something similar when he was defeated by Hans, but he got over it.

  3. I hope you guys get a sponsorship from big medical companies and they provide full body MRI to scan the players for any kind of cheating devices in their "cavities" or somewhere else.

  4. dieciocho partidas tres mas dos Blitz sobre el tablero y dieciocho partidas tres mas dos en la computadora

  5. Imagine a world where Kramnik destroys Jospem in this event? That would be hilarious because he would be vindicated and no one would know how to respond.

  6. I thought the name of the event would be “offline with pleasure” which has the potential to draw additional viewers but perhaps for the wrong reasons 😉

  7. kramnik is gonna get disillusioned by that match, martinez is going to do well.

  8. Nice! You caught the microphone problem before we had 5 freaking minutes of it! (Or longer.) Good job! =D
    (This might sound sarcastic, but it's not. It actually happens from time to time. It's really annoying.)

  9. love the video…but the beavis hair maybe not lol

  10. This will be interesting but format is kind of wrong. It should definitely be 3+1 in online format. That is what titled tuesday is and that is what Kramnikk is making his accusations about cheaters most of the time. Kramnik is terrible in time management/mouse skills and giving him another let's say minute per game doesn't make sense. Making this match somehow not that relevant. I don't understand this decision. Was this Kramnik's request?

  11. High stakes chess match. Stake eut 40 😂😂😂

  12. Very clever.. This smells like a set up from months ago – it's straight out of Conor McGregor's playbook (which I'm sure Gotham is a big fan).

    STEP 1: Create controversy
    STEP 2: Create event
    STEP 3: $$$$$

    I bet Kramnik was only too happy to be a part of it – and Danny's been on the inside the whole time.

  13. Looks like Kramnik's public pouting is paying off!

  14. Kramnik is doing the "12 year old playing fortnite". Just blame everone else if you lose

  15. I would bet that Kramnik pulls out of the event a week or two before. Im also a bit unsure about giving kramnik this kind of stage – what if he wins? He will claim he has proven Jose is a cheater. But whatever it will be awesome content and im looking forward to it.

  16. Good thing Addy works both online and offline 🤭

  17. Excellent idea. While everyone knows that cheating is a problem and a threat, it is also important that everyone recognizes when true talent is being displayed. This will be a great opportunity to see some fantastic games, where both players are monitored, so everyone, not just Kramnik, can be confident all is legit.

    It will be interesting to see if the OTB vs computer format makes a difference. That's a fascinating question right there.

  18. Either the mic, the port or the USB controller is dying. I don't think, this is a software issue.

  19. Kramnik is just frustrated that there is a new generation of players better than him. He must retire.

  20. Kramnik seems to suffer from terrible case of weak mentality. He repeatedly says he "lost, as expected" or "can not win" when playing opponents he accuses of cheating, but he's just reinforcing his own weakness and his play is surely suffering from this loser mindset and attitude.

  21. youre just great levy, funny engaging clever witty and the content just hits so much

  22. I think it's pretty sad that Kramnik can profit financially from his baseless allegations.

  23. Was anyone watching Hans stream when some weird beeping starting going on? Im not a conspiricy theorist, and dont think hes cheating, but I was like wtf is that shit? Morse code? lol

  24. Oh he lost both games thats it, he's cheating LOL……just kidding.

  25. I do not fear the man who knows 10000 kicks, i fear the man who has practised the same kick 10000 times – Bruce Lee – same can be said of chess openings too

  26. RATATATATATATATATA as GM Pepe Cuenca would say…

  27. Sounds like Vladdy boy is suffering from good ol' bias. He believes his opponant is cheating, therefor even believes blunders are engine moves.

  28. It definitely won't settle the debate lol. Win lose or draw, Kramnik will keep launching loud and impotent cheating allegations against people.

    However it's a really good idea anyways. It'll be some excellent content at the very least, can't wait :3

  29. If Magnus Carlsen is so drunk that he challenges a cat to play chess and mistakes the board for the floor, the ceiling and even the cat's box, some appropriate measures would be:

    1. **Friendly Intervention**:
    – Someone close to Magnus should try to calm him down and explain that the cat is not a suitable opponent for a chess match.
    – The safety and well-being of everyone must be prioritized

  30. Just sounds like kramnik is a sore loser.

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