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  1. The internet did not exist in 1972. The earliest source of the world wide web I'm aware of was created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. Just had a class on this.

  2. Levy,
    What is your view on the hippo opening ?

  3. The opening is called brilliant when magnus played it but its cheating when other does it and win ..fucking crazy😂
    But the opening is kinda giving ur opponent a mystery box that no one would expect whats inside .thats why magnus opponent where scared to take the rook hahahaha😂😂😂its unknown territory in chess…an opening that doesnt make sense but instill fear to your enemy for no fucking reason

  4. 16:50 Levy's having mix emotions and reactions until the game ends 😂

    "Ohhh, ohhh,, he blunders everything noooo"

  5. i’m 200 elo and have always played this opening 😂😂

  6. At 6:14, the advantage of Qh4+ isn't a pawn, it is a free knight. No?

  7. I played this opening and didn't get banned because I lost all of them

  8. 4:21 is this a show to exploit your egocentrisme? Or to inform people. If you want to show your character, then make a second channel where you talk

  9. The rook is kinda worthless in the early game so trading it for a bishop isn’t that bad

  10. "Magnus' position is just completely lost,"
    Maximus Chadlsen: "I like those odds."


  12. TCP/IP was established in 1983. That was the advent of the internet for any who are curious.

  13. This strategy is a bait (a mindgame). What Magnus is trying to achieve here is to give the opponent an obvious advantage. With the HOPE of winning against a world champion, the opponent will focus on taking this advantage by continuous attack that will skip the early game to endgame and Magnus was best at endgame and counter-attacking during messy board situations. But if the opponent decline the gambit, Magnus then have the first advantage.

  14. Its funny because magnus isn't really trolling, hes the best off book player in the world so he goes off book early and often

  15. His first game was just the Banned Gambit Declined

  16. LIETUVA NUMBER 1, you HAD your time with Tal, latvia it is LIETUVA TEVYNE MUSU.

  17. 11:24 and he just wins
    Eval bar goes from draw to black winning
    Black magic

  18. Недавно был разработан новый дебют "плотина" (а3, b3, c3, d3, e3, f3, g3, h3). Интересно было бы посмотреть на результаты Магнуса в нём)

  19. There is no way he haven't tested those crazy openings on chess engines

  20. GothamChess trying to figure out when the internet was invented 😂😂😭😭

    It was 1983 by the way

  21. You clash with that muscle vest like Rambo in a tutu.. burn it, trust me.

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