Magnus Leads The Charge As Ding, MVL Look For Wins In Qualifiers! GRENKE Chess Classic 2024 Rds 7-8

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Ding Liren play the GRENKE Chess Classic, a 6-player event happening alongside an open with almost 3,000 players! Two rounds are played each game at a “fast-classical” time control of 45 minutes per player, with 10 seconds added per move. Watch the games:

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  1. Ding is back to continue his path to losing streaks… what a shame for chess to have a world champion that can't win a single game…

  2. DING i will shit into your pants ❤ its a shame

  3. Ding is the World Champion. It is a title for him to defend or to lose. Everone else is but a spectator.


  5. Awesome having Anish Giri joining the commentary team today 😍! Fantastic event. Thank you for sharing xxx

  6. Nothing personal but good commentary with Giri

  7. This format is so distracting, you have constant japping about the games from the commentators, tinkering with the position. Barely watchable. Find it kind of disrespectful for the players and the audience. David Howell and a handful of other commentators pull this off by being a lot more modest and sometimes just allowing the game to be. Not treating the audience like not being able to think for themselves at all.

  8. Trent and his son cried together after the boxing 🥊 match with Aman. That was the most…..sucker thing I’ve ever witnessed. Extremely metrosexual. His walk out music would be “The First Night” by Monica…..”I should make a move but I won’t”.

  9. Anish and Laurence are a surprisingly good commentary duo

  10. Anish had it wrong about Keymer's hairstyle; it is Franz Liszt, not Mozart.

  11. trent said the tournament director looked liked someone who likes a thaimassage. the ugly duckling, turned into a duck, and then to top it off he did the milkjob bit. absolutely exquisite broadcast, had me in stitches. oh and the whole Rd4 thing in the MVL game brilliant

  12. Wearing white trousers is a sign you're not worried about shitting yourself in any position

  13. el tablero en grande durante la retransmisión, por favor!

  14. 1:38:45 problem is… working on all the games a player has played, how do you predict his next move in a brand new position? The training data would be completely insufficient. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  15. For the love of God make the live board the main board. I can't tell what is going on as the commentators move the pieces around.

  16. Ding is just playing not to be last. That itself is already an achievement. The last position honor would probably goes to Keymer.

  17. Grenke chess presents the most oddly satisfying commentary combo of all time

  18. Giri's look to the producers at 1:20:02 saying like 'who did you oring here?'
    Also kudos to Laurence for not pretending like he saw it, just admitting he just missed it

  19. Lawrence and Anish what a team, great commentary and analysis 😊

  20. Thanks for this. With all respect to Jan, we like us some Jan now and again, Anish even sounds like he wants to be there. Also he helps keep Trent in line somewhat, surprised how well that works.

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