Magnus is Back to Reclaim his Footing among the best in CCT! Aimchess Rapid Knockout Stage Day 1

The Aimchess Rapid is the fourth event of the 2023 Champions Chess Tour! Magnus Carlsen played his way through the Play-in and will face Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Fabiano Caruana, Levon Aronian, and more in Division I. In total, $235,000 is at stake, with $30,000 going to the winner.

With a $2,000,000 total prize fund, and the fiercest competitors in the world, the CCT is’s most important event yet!

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  1. Great line up. But I would rather watch it without Tania

  2. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Great tournament, great games, great commentary!

  3. We are so priviledged to livein the time of Magnus Carlsen. And can someone please tell ALL the commentators, it is NOT NOR-DI-BEK!

  4. What happened to Jovanka Houska? I much prefer her to Tania Sachdev.

  5. Tania is so shouty. Jesus bring back Kaia. Why are they flipping between games so often. Coverage has really gone down hill.

  6. Whenever Tania speakes I have to reduce the volume….

  7. 3:12:20 can someone explain Danny'sRensch pun on c4 ? c4 can be exposed to the times ? didnt get it

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