Magnus: I watch Hikaru’s streams to root against him πŸ˜‚

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  1. He said he like to watch Hikaru, but didn't mention that he like to watch him playing chess.

  2. I like watching Magnus play, I root against him

  3. Magnus hate watching his biggest rivalsπŸ˜‚

  4. "Well, I root against him"
    magnus Carlsen, 2024.
    then he says they're not rivals

  5. "I root against him"
    -Magnus who says Hikaru and him are not rivals

  6. I was not expecting that level of savagery

  7. In a way that’s a huge compliment to Hikaru

  8. Magnus said something nice and now feels awkward so he has to jab at Hikaru. Typical male friend response lol.

  9. Waiting for Hikaru reacts πŸ˜… and then Magnus reacts to Hikaru reactsπŸ˜…

  10. I bet if ever Hikaru actually wins his world championship, Magnus comes back into candidates just to beat his ass πŸ˜€

  11. No he was deflecting he actually likes watching hikaru and gotham

  12. Supporting the underdog is a natural reaction, even for Magnus

  13. Hikaru isn't even on the same playing field as Magnus for all the Naka fan boys

  14. Yes, Magnus and Hikaru are not rivals. Magnus is so clear above Hikaru that calling them rivals would be a joke.

  15. i also root against him, most of the times.

  16. Magnus attempted streaming many times saying himself he'd a small audience.

    So he competed in streaming as well as in Norway, bullet, 360, Titled Tuesday etc. Magnus beat Hikaru the last speed chess championship losing the year before. But lost most of the others.

  17. Do you regularly watch any.

    The longest pause of assumptions for dirty minds

  18. Magnus considers Hikaru's vids to be comedy…and who doesn't love a good comedy?

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