Magnus Carlsen’s Most Incredible Games In The World Chess Championship

Magnus Carlsen, considered to be the greatest chess players of all time, has played a lot of incredible games in his career, there’s no doubt. When it comes to the World Chess Championship, Magnus is on another level. @JamesCantyIII takes you through some of Carlsen’s best games during his reign as the World Champion.

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  1. F*ck!!! I found all moves!!! Why am I not WC????

  2. I almost find all the moves, so the question is, why i can't find this moves in the game?

  3. Where are the tesla cryptos? 🙂

  4. Remember one thing ding or Ian gonna win the world chess championship because magnus decided not to participate
    But magnus won his 1st and 2nd title by defeating viswanathan Anand who was that times world champion ( 5 times world champion).

  5. magnus will return as a contender post 2023 championship , to show he can win the the title that he allowed his friends to experience/borrow!

  6. The second game isnt sick any good player would do the same there werent many good goes to go with.

  7. This Magnus guy sounds like he can be a champion one day. I hope it works out for him.

  8. Magnus really gave up the title because he was bored.

  9. Literally two other players are contesting the world championship at this moment and you post a video about Magnus

  10. Magnus really is too good man. Like you see this in every sport, every now and again you get a player that’s so dominant they change the entire landscape or have the rules changed as a result. I’m glad he decided to sit this one out, so far it’s been exhileratinf to watch.

  11. Look at the level of Magnus’s plays and the ones between nepo and Ding.

  12. Yes you're right. I agree on your this statement. says:

    If a mindflayer ever attacks the people, Magnus Carlsen is safe!

  13. Magnus Carlsen 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  14. damn magnus is making other chess gms look like 4 year olds

  15. Claim your "Here before 5k views" ticket 😂

  16. Like it or not, if Magnus was playing against either of the two current WCC contesters, he would be undefeated with a win or two in his pocket.
    Aldo, playing against Magnus isnt the same as playing somebody else, so they would probably play less exotically, but it just shows to confirm that the WCC is not about playing interesting games, its about not losing primarily.

  17. James : "if you play like magnus what would you do ? "
    Me : "rook h8"
    Magnus sacrifices the queen
    Me : thats what I thought

  18. Carlsen is THE goat. I will comeback to this comment after a decade to remind yall again.

  19. Magnus has had 97% accuracy across all his 5 world championship matches.

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