Magnus Carlsen’s Mind-Blowing Memory! World Chess Champion tested

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is put to the test by English Grandmaster David Howell! How many games can he recognise? Please note the Kasparov-Karpov game should show USSR flags for both players.
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  1. damn bro I don't even know what I ate for breakfast lmao

  2. I can do this (although not even nearly to the degree Magnus does) with books and textbooks. I believe it has to do with the ability to feel the memory, which sound strange but its the only way to describe it. Its not a concious process it is more of a reflex like a muscle memory. I really cant put into proper words, its like being able to see the answer with your minds eye

  3. Magnus: Recognises Zapata – Anand game after 2 moves
    Me: Isn't that just a normal opening from a 1400 game?

  4. Wow look how chunky he is. Only a year ago

  5. “Shit where are my car keys and wallet” a question we will never hear from Magnus

  6. He is almost …. inhuman….He is really a genius.

  7. They should this with Hans Niemann, see what he remembers! 🙂

  8. If all he has is a photographic memory, he is far from an actual Chess Player.

  9. Magnus: has a photographic memory
    Me: needs to take a photograph to remember where I parked my car

  10. At 1:32 how can he know what game that is?

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6

    is such a common opening that I see no way in which he could know specifically what game this is from? I've probably played this opening myself dozens of times and I am new to chess. So how does he know?

    I'm guessing there is some other information involved here that allowed Magnus to deduce the answer that isn't related to chess.

  11. Awesome video. Music is a little loud though. Sometimes straining to hear what they are saying. I'd say add subtitles but then it kinda covers the chessboard.

  12. guy has literally memorized every engine best move for every position possible. Dudes crazy

  13. I’m convinced that most super GMs have photographic memory.

  14. He's like a i7 12th gen but with 4 GB ram. So much computing power but restricted due to hardware integration 😭👑👑👑

  15. I guess you have to have an IQ of 190 to do this…! Yes says Carlsen.

  16. I don’t even remember the groceries my mom tells me to get

  17. If this guy says someone is cheating-he is cheating 100% 😄😄

  18. It's amazing how the human mind is capable of so many wonders… even a normal one. Then there are the rare geniuses among men who are capable of even more

  19. I didn't remember I had watched this video once before, untill I saw some of the comments I had liked! This is tragic!

  20. How the hell does he know the harry potter game… I mean from the position. Looking at this i wonder why 3000 classical rating is not even impossible

  21. My Lawyer: "Hey so we're probably gonna win this case. After the prosecutor calls one more witness to the stand, we should be Home free baby"

    Me: "Awesome, who's the witness?"

    My Lawyer: "Some dude name Magnus Carlsen"

    Me: "….wut"

  22. there's no fucking way in the universe that Magnus is not on the spectrum of authism, he's got to be

  23. Fisher was similar, but get this as reported in Sports Illustrated when covering the Fisher/Spassky match… Fisher was staying at the home of a friend and picked up a ringing phone as he was alone. When they returned to the home, Fisher was able to tell them everything that was said on the phone to him, in Icelandic. He didn't speak Icelandic. Memory much?

  24. I literally don’t even know how the piece’s move, but this is fking ridiculous 😮

  25. Would love to see Hans asked similar questions … probably cant remember his own games ?! 😂

  26. For the people who don't understand chess much.. These are not random games.. They are popular one's..

  27. That’s precisely what I’d expect from someone that has studied a craft conscientiously.

  28. 1:36 how did he knew. :S.
    there are plenty of games that start like that

  29. are all grandmasters like this or just a select few?

  30. About Kasparov vs Karpov: "Ah, I was literally reading about this, like this is the book that is on my bedside table" XD

  31. That's just ridiculous impressive, I can't even remember what I ate this morning 🤣

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