Magnus Carlsen’s Mind-Blowing Memory! World Chess Champion tested

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is put to the test by English Grandmaster David Howell! How many games can he recognise? Please note the Kasparov-Karpov game should show USSR flags for both players.
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  1. That is absolutely remarkable 👏 bravo Magnus

  2. 😮 this will be my face every time I remember this video

  3. Chess is literally just rote memorising at the top level, zero creativity no genius required….meh

  4. It is raw memory or does he used memory palace, LOCI u other mnemonics or tricks used in memory championships or like in ancient times memorizing tricks?

  5. Magnus is such a roadman. That nike tech fleece goes hard.

  6. Magnus is the best chess player ever because he wears tech fleece 😮‍💨.

  7. What an amazing down to Earth person, insanely intelligent, sociable, he is a role model for many youth. Keep doing what you do best Magnus!

  8. Carlsen's one of those players you'd love to see against history's greats.

  9. Actually, as most people who study memory know, this level of recall is not unusual for expert performers. Chess masters' memory has been studied experimentally and they, as a group, have superior memory for chess, but are average otherwise. This paper describes that phenomenon and offers an explanation–based upon knowledge not distinctive powers of 'memory':

  10. This isn’t “mind blowing” he’s literally a student of chess. Any expert should be able to do this in their own field. A mind blowing memory would be if he saw these once or twice and remembered them

  11. "English" Grandmaster looks Asian to me 😂😂

  12. if this guy tells me someone is cheating, I trust him.

  13. Memory is something you can train but we are too lazy so we write everything down and try not to remember anything.I guess Magnus is great at traning his memory because he needs to know variations.

  14. I think we can conclude that memory is extremely important in Chess.

  15. Hans has engine memory. Magnus has no chance

  16. The only reason he didn’t immediately recognise the Harry Potter position is that it’s not in the records as a historical match. This guy is just unreal

  17. I can spot the Magnus Hans game from recently. With ease

  18. It is interesting. When a person that hasn’t left their city. Attempts to funk/ask someone; a world traveler each instance of their journey. Please.

  19. Magnus never opens the fridge door twice.

  20. Meh, that's nothing. Once I played chess against 8 grand masters at the same time…

  21. I´m the same species as this guy?
    WTF GOD?

  22. Sometimes I forget if the horse goes next to king or if it’s the pointy one

  23. how the hell did he know anand vs zapata from just a petrov

  24. Magnus thanks for good example for kids)
    My lil son dreams about playing chess with you(instead of stupid tik tok or Kardashian show)
    Thank you)

  25. If he was a character for a chess movie, the story would be criticized as unrealistic.

  26. In the past, as a golfer, I might play two rounds in a day. At lunch, after the first round, I could sit there and tell you every single shot I made, what club I used, how big the divots were, whether I drew, faded or hit a straight shot. There was nothing I didn't know about that round of golf. However, once I played the afternoon round I would need to look at the previous scorecard to remember how many I shot in the morning, nevermind the details, whilst at the same time being able to tell you every single detail about the afternoon game.

    My memory was just as good as Magnus' memory except for the fact that Magnus is able to remember game after game with incredible accuracy whilst I only had a detailed memory of my last game. This is what makes him a champion while the rest of us are just good players.

  27. This is honestly unreal. How can somebody remember something like this? So smazing!

  28. What type of sad cunt remembers specific chess games.. then again.. what type or sad cunt is even into chess lmao

  29. now imagine if this was normal to you

    i believe species and genetic trauma impacts memory negatively and some strains arent burdened

  30. Chess is so unimportant, why does this guy get any attention at all??

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