Magnus Carlsen’s Favorite Chess Player 😜

In 2018 World chess championship, when somebody asked Magnus carlsen, who is his favorite player from the past then as expected, magnus gives a very intresting reply. enjoy.

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  1. Magnus be like
    I dont like have idols

  2. “I admire what people can do not necessarily the people”. Amazing

  3. What would God say if you ask him who created you 😂😂😂

  4. While it may sound arrogant for some people it sais a lot about his way of logic thinking. That it sounds funny is the cherry on top. He is just the GOAT in chess.

  5. The more u feed ur mind with his sports, the more u start liking him

  6. Others choose him i don't see why he can't choose himself too

  7. That clip should be saved as a national treasure 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. When truth sounds arrogant.
    But undoubtedly he is right.

  9. Its easy to like the highest rated player in the history .

  10. That's why he lost to Niemann his new favorite opponent

  11. Chess players are very easy to compare thn basketball players or any other sports players. Chess players has number, if you have the highest numbers then simply you are the best.

  12. Robert James Fischer is the G.O.A.T. of chess.

  13. When your arrogance is objectively correct 😂

  14. I would love to see him and Fisher sit down and play a few games

  15. Good self esteem but kidding himself about his own idols. Magnus' influences show in his manner of dress, patterns of speech, and in the game itself. Never overestimate your own uniqueness 😁

  16. Nobody should be forced to pick favorites among their competitors, especially a champ.

  17. He doesn't like himself only what he can do on the chessboard

  18. Childish…egoistic…self obsessed….and self type favorite….

  19. Genius appreciates Genius…can't argue with that, lol.

  20. He just chose the goat, there's nothing wrong with it 😂

  21. Only time you can be arrogant is when you have got to the top

  22. Lets accept, he has every right to say that.

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