Magnus Carlsen’s Endgame vs. Hikaru Nakamura’s Speed

The greatest speed chess players in history play each other in World Blitz Championship! Join @DanielNaroditskyGM for this episode featuring @GMHikaru and @themagnuscarlsen playing a Scotch Game in 2014!

Check out the game:

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  1. wtf this is like esports commentary close your eyes and i sounds like you are watching league of legends tournament lmao

  2. This game is shit, look at the constipated faces they make just to play a pawn

  3. What an enormous match it was, it just blew my mind

  4. It’s like superman vs flash in terms of speed

  5. There are 3 masters of their craft here. Very impressive.

  6. If I didn't understand the English language, I would have thought this commentary was about anything other than a chess match.

  7. Hikaru likes to castles if he can't find a good move 😂 he always does this in his stream.

  8. cant believe i just spent 10 minutes?? it felt like 3 minutes

  9. Just New To Chess And Watched this Video Without Voice. Who won?🥲

  10. Don't always assume the casual observer knew what happened in the end. Would like it if they conclusively tell us.

  11. I’m a chess fan (not a player) and love watching these two battle. Best spectator sport ever!

  12. Who won finally, Can anyone please explain?

  13. Demons truth you a chess piece he want do the same momom anthology

  14. Quién ganó??? No entendí!!!

  15. "La hija del fletero – (Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota)"

  16. What happened finally is the match win or draw ? Who the winner ?plz tell me. Guys

  17. -I don't play chess, i have no idea what you're talking about, so my question is: how do you know it's a caffeinated Coca-Cola ?

  18. I love how everyone is talking about the commentator and not the actual players 😅

  19. I am 950 elo and I played a similar game with someone. I wanna know if I can be a GM as well? 😂

  20. No one can comment like that🤣💯
    You need to be good at chess to be able to do that in the first place

  21. At what point do they decide that it is a draw? Could they just keep moving their pieces around ? From a chess noob

  22. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤❤

  23. swallow that saliva for god's sake

  24. Who's win in this game?idont underatand what they do😂

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