Magnus Carlsen Wins HISTORIC Speed Chess Match Against Caruana

Don’t miss Magnus Carlsen’s incredible Speed Chess Championship match against Fabiano Caruana!

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  1. 22-4 against Fabiano is just NUTS! Magnus is on a higher level than most of the Super GMs!

  2. so glad Magnus is doing well. hopefully he can catch up to Hans soon!!😊

  3. I think we need to see inside the head of Magnus Carlsen, is it a computer chip or still a human brain.

  4. People who don't understand chess, imagine Djokovic beats Nadal in 5 sets match, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0 (i know when you win you dont play 5 sets match in tennis but i wanted to make the number of games they play as equal). this is a good analogy to understand how humiliating this defeat was for Caruana.

  5. however i feel there's a bit of cringe between Narodistsky and Rensch. Unlike Narodistsky with Hess you can feel the chemistry

  6. Defs feelin bad for Fabiano by the end… one of the best players in the world didn't deserve that beat down 😭

  7. its almost like carlsen has another dimension to his game that no other players have

  8. Why does danny rensch has to hog all the Magnus's games….. awful

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed watching Carlsen absolutely crush here.

  10. Carlsen is just… I'm speechless! He's just such a MONSTER! I hope he never loses the motivation to keep playing chess.

  11. I got here 21 seconds after it came out

  12. Carlson is a lot better than we even suspected.

  13. How does carlsen do it? He isn’t nervous to play anyone. How does he keep this up?

  14. Magnus vs Hikaru is gonna be crazy if it happens.

  15. Magnus is really entertaining, unlike hikaru where EVEN WHEN HE WAS TOTLLY WINNING, he purposly let the clock run making us all bored.

  16. it must be hard to be so great and get demolished still. Magnus is just beyond.

  17. Tough break for Fabi. It looks like we will be seeing Magnus vs Hikaru like the good old days.

  18. Absolutely domination by the GOAT 🐐 of chess β™ŸοΈ a.k.a. MagnusπŸ’ͺ

  19. Caruana never won a single match. His only get his points bcoz of the draw

  20. Carlsen's reactions when the he started to lay down the whopper with cheese πŸ” πŸ˜‚

  21. Danny: "How often does a king get mated in the middle of the board on f4?"

    Me, rated 600, thinking about getting my King walked to my opponents home rank: "Yeah, can't imagine that at all"

  22. The closest thing to a human engine on the planet.

  23. 3:55 Magnus premoving missed a free queen. But no matter, the technique was still spectacular.

  24. Carlsen isn't always on, but when he is, there is no one better.

  25. mom always said there’d be days like this πŸ˜”

  26. People who understand how good Fabiano is can't believe this. This is the guy who had the best winning streak ever perhaps in the Sinquefield cup a few years ago, not winning a game.

  27. I hate, when people write Carlson instead of Carlsen. At least remember the name of world #1 and current world chess champion and write it correctly, especially, if it's written in the fricking title of the video.
    It' not CarlsOn, it's CarlsEn!

  28. He's simply outstanding, playing with engine accuracy with human ingenuity and a very practical approach, making the complex look simple, beautiful.

  29. Playing chess must be so boring for Carlsen.

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