Magnus Carlsen Wins HISTORIC Speed Chess Match Against Caruana

Don’t miss Magnus Carlsen’s incredible Speed Chess Championship match against Fabiano Caruana!

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  1. Fabi didn't win even a single match. Now, we can imagine how well Gukesh played against Carlsen to beat him 7 times. Carlsen is just another level. 🙌

  2. I love Nihal but I gotta see Hikaru vs Magnus in the Final

  3. Please don't put spoilers in the title of these videos. I haven't finished watching the match yet and saw this on my front page. SAD!

  4. Carlsen is observed sporting the Sam Bankman-Fried hairdo.

  5. This is how you become a legend. Magnus is in another Universe. His killer instinct is horrifically brutal…

  6. My prediction is right- Carlsen will pull his trigger in this game, he just a phenomenal player. Big fan here❤

  7. What a pity, can't listen to the show when Mr Rebsch is doing it. Simply not possible.

  8. ok what's the big fuzz about blitz match.. classical is what's important. Look at their World Champ Match ended in tie only won by Carlsen in blitz

  9. Wesley vs hikaru 3.0 again in finals

  10. Gukesh can sleep in peace now. He did better than Fabi

  11. After this Gukesh might be feeling a little less terrible for his 7-23 against magnus

  12. Considering Magnus's form, I would say Gukesh played above his potential to get to 7 points.

  13. The thing is that Fabi didn't even play bad. It's just Magnus is a freak…

  14. Hikaru upping his prep after seeing this for sure

  15. And people thought Gukesh is poor at speed chess after he lost 23.0-7.0…

  16. This is what you get when third peak highest rating player ever plays Magnus. Insane.

  17. You haven’t even seen the most deadly shape of carlsen.Somebody argued with me that caruana will beat Magnus. I said caruana isn’t even sure that he will be able to survive against the human alphazero.💪

  18. Magnus had his way with Fabi! Some parts of it were NSFW and should have been censored

  19. This was the first live stream of the SCC I caught and seeing Magnus' classic "squeezing water out of stone" endgame maneuvers just always leaves me mind-blown and speechless

  20. Magnus is faster , he's stronger , he's better
    He's better. 🥺

  21. Magnus pulling a Hikaru at 6:17 🙃

    Magnus has truly transcended to a new level. That g5 tactic was just spectacular.

  22. This display of brilliance by magnus to me is by far the greatest i have seen

  23. Me: I want to beat Magnus just once

    They: But you should be a GM

    Super GM: Hold my beer

    Magnus: It was a bit up and down

  24. MVL is much stronger than So in blitz, so it will be Magnjs revenge. Hope he plays decent this time against him not blundering bishops and queens like the last time haha. MVL is a hell of opponent, here would be a close match. Most probably won by Carlsen but it could be the other way around. And against Hikaru i kinda see magnus winning better even though Naka is stronger than MVL. Magnus is the best at his best but hes more consistent than MVL but much less consistent than Naka. Naka has this online speed experience, but magnus has chess experience so lets see, would be close both of them

  25. Those who were clowning gukesh for 23-7 should see now on what level magnus is playing

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