Magnus Carlsen Wins HISTORIC Speed Chess Match Against Caruana

Don’t miss Magnus Carlsen’s incredible Speed Chess Championship match against Fabiano Caruana!

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  1. With the form Hikaru and Magnus are in, I will be deeply saddened if they aren't the finalists

  2. Owns a blue snowball microphone, doesn't use it.

  3. Can someone tell me why white wins on 10:49? I see black king kan take white rook

  4. carlsen is goat, what a monster, beating caruana like an IM.

  5. To do this to the caliber of player that is Caruana; literal insanity. Magnus is unquestionably the greatest ever.

  6. Some one should of threw in the towel for FC.

  7. I feel sorry for Fabiano that score was embarrassing

  8. "Its a win against caruana, but can he even win against me?"
    – sinister magnus

  9. Now we get why he was pissed on himself after Gukesh's match. 23-7 and 22-4.

  10. Carlson is taking the championship home, can anyone even stop him ?

  11. Not a single loss against a strong player like Fabi. Fabi is cool. But this is propably the best SCC match ever (til now )

  12. Guys, these recaps are GOLD!!! Thank you so much!!

  13. Will it be Hikaru or Nihal facing Carlsen next?

  14. So excited to see Magnus and Hikaru face off in the finals!

  15. Carlsen shaking every participant's balls

  16. The next World Chess Champion wonโ€™t be the best chess player in the world ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  17. There should be a new title for Magnus, like Super Mega Pro GM

  18. It has to be his hair that makes him play that good

  19. This Magnus guy is quite good. I think he has a great future ahead and maybe he can become a world champion or something.

  20. Honestly it felt like Fabiano was banging his head against a wall whoever he went against Carlson in an endgame lol

  21. The final game will be Carlsen vs Nakamura and the score is 16-10

  22. We would have understood if you guys didnt make this one… Just a community post. I won't watch it.

  23. Like I said previously. It all depends which Magnus shows up. A lot of times the Magnus who likes daydreaming when playing shows up and then makes some unexplained blunders but when Magnus is as focused as he was in this match then he is a ruthless beast who devours his prey systematically. When this Magnus shows up I donโ€™t care how good you are or how good day you are having, you are being slaughtered.
    Magnus made a lot of blunders lately in other tournaments and I thought the best of Magnus is over now. Boy, was I wrong.

  24. I don't understand what they're playing and they comment on it by the look of the game changing? I know you guys are professional chess players but can't you make this easy to understand? You're not the only ones in the world who want to play chess. U stupid mothe faker. ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•

  25. Petition to make anti-cheating report of Magnus public

  26. Thats what I'm talking about, thats why he's MVP thats why he's the Goat… The Gooat

  27. Me (800) playing against Magnus – 0 wins
    Fabi (SuperGM genius, who dedicated his whole life to chess) playing against Magnus – 0 wins

    Me to Fabi: was it worth it?

  28. Man Magnus is just becoming better over days. This is absolute peak to watch

  29. When Carlsen enters matrix nobody can stop him. Really feel for Fabi.

  30. I just spoke with Fabiano and he said he's okay

  31. Nobody throws any shade at Caruana, that shows just how dominant Carlsen is

  32. Fabi took it like a pro. Great to see Magnus smiling and enjoying himself๐Ÿ™‚

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