Magnus Carlsen the Greatest #chess Player of all Time #shorts

#shorts #chess #short
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  1. I would recognize Magnus's walking style even if we were in a crowd of 1 billion people

  2. Greatest chess player of the current Era. There are legends of the past who grew up without engines and created the lines the engines view today. Each generation is more privileged than the last and the future has many more talents.

  3. Everything's fun and games until Hans Niemann walks in.

  4. Ruko jara sabar Karo ,india se aur ek player aa raha hai, name shubham pralhad Shinde (very fast)

  5. Magnus has been cheating for years….there is a group of us who found out how and the exposure is coming soon…get ready for the real master of cheating

  6. Just droppin off a bag of weed for the boys eh

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  8. Noway the best player of all times ! Not even among 20 best his game is without fantasy and he just try to hang on a pawn to win the finale what shitty cocky little punk

  9. Robert (Bobby) James Fischer is better than Magnus Carlsen.

  10. The second greatest chess player. Bobby Fischer was the greatest by far.

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