Magnus Carlsen the Greatest #chess Player of all Time #shorts

#shorts #chess #short
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  1. Not the Goat – Fischer is – but still great chess player.

  2. For those who don’t understand: he was returning an extra mask from a game during covid

  3. The greatest not so great "mAgNUS goofy cARSEn" a guy who knows how to win, but like a crybaby spoiled child, not how to lose… a guy with a sense of entitlement bigger than his skills that is giving up his world champion title to sell his silly boring gray app that consists solely in playing different levels of bots named after himself that only his fanboys care about for over 80 million dollars to a company that makes billions off an unlimited analysis tool that uses an open source free engine that arbitrarily bans players at the request of their sponsored toxic players for beating them in live streaming that uses fake bot accounts disguised as real players in live games to inflate its traffic starting a game at any time of the day within exactly 5 seconds, to create action and to detect cheating by making specific moves to test your response…


  5. Morphy was. Even Fischer couldn't do blindfold chess Morphy did 20 games at a time all memorized and blindfolded

  6. There should be a proctologist at every chess tournament to ensure fair play. We can't have blind trust anymore. We need concrete reassurance

  7. It's like "city" mac from always sunny.

  8. greatest???? there is no such ….if he lost game he will accuse you of cheating …brattttt

  9. Magnus is one of the best chessplayers,but the best was Robert James Fischer.

  10. Magnum Carlos is definitely one of the persons of all time

  11. Michael Tal is a greatest player of all time.

  12. Cheater…….. i understood this by his Body language and higher Computer-like moves.

  13. Magnus a consistent GM👍KASPAROV is a legend His lose t o the recent tournament is due to lack of practice and old age.

  14. he discarded his cheating device – caught on camera

  15. Modern players nowadays analyze their move thru engine including Carlsen, but likewise in Fischer of Kasparov they have no benefits of ang chess engine computer

  16. The greatest player of all the time… after Bobby Fischer.

  17. Sorry to break it to you Hans – you will never be as great as Magnus

  18. Dont call him the greatest? 💀 i mean there was only one the greatest in sports and thats Muhammad Ali and it was also what he did outside the ring

  19. 2 GOATS are defined in 2022. Lionel Messi and Magnus Carlsen

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