Magnus Carlsen REVEALS Why Chess Players Are Single

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  1. Stupid question gets answer of the same coin🤩

  2. They all have calculated that relationships ain't worth it nowadays in the long run

  3. Because they premove and win before relationships even start

  4. Married chess player and played draw against Magnus Carlsen in 1999 when he was 8 year old.

  5. Theres only so many women who can sit and talk shit about the open sicilian..

  6. Son solteros porque no les interesa la "reina". Por eso la sacrifican de vez en cuando. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😋😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. the legend, anand has been married since 1996

  8. Rapport and Giri are married and their wives are chess players too 😍😍😍

  9. Because most of them make moves with their right hand

  10. Even the Botez sisters are in line for Magneto. True facts. Keep mgtow-ing, goat.

  11. Most top chess players make a queen sacrifice to keep playing at the top level

  12. They can’t pick up girls because they take to long to find the best move.

  13. Because too many top male chess players are willing to sacrifice their queens?

  14. But if you single, you can't trade queens ?…

    And any pawn can become queen.. Thats how transexuals born.

  15. Chess players are single because they keep blundering the queen.

  16. Chess community dream: magnus + hou yifan, andò the beginning of a long lasting chess dinasty

  17. We need all our blood up here, not down there.

  18. because they sac their queen and brag about it!

  19. They are broke and don't have time for finding girl.

  20. It will differ from one player to another. Of course I do not know the true answer but here is my best guess. Chess is analytical, solo game. That may attract people who are not confident about their emotions, not confident in relationships. Chess board provides security, pieces never lie. If you are really
    really good at chess it may partially provide appreciation which you may not be getting in relationships.

  21. I mean, when your opening line for flirting is e4, c6, d4, d5, Nc3, dxe4, Nxe4, Bf5, Ng3, Bg6, h4, h6, Nf3, Nd7, h5, Bh7, Bd3, Bxd3, Qxd3, e6, Bf4, Qa5+, Bd2, Bb4, c3, Be7, c4, Qc7, O-O-O, Ngf6, Kb1, O-O, can you blame the girl for getting turned off?

  22. Indeed we are Magnus. Well, thinking ahead, and will it be worth it too! Lol, but seriously!

  23. I think top chess players are single, because they are busy perfecting their craft, and therefore have little time dating or thinking about a relationship

  24. Yeah it's been 33 years that I've been "really picky"… But I'm not a pro chess player tho…

  25. Anish would probably request a divorce with her girlfriend

  26. Alexandra Botez have a video too about this and explaining that you need the right amount of rejections to get the best partner. Even a relationship will be calculated ;D

  27. "Your chess is insane." Hikaru said, as he slipped his feminine hand into Magnus's pants and smirked. "Are you trying to mate me?" protested Magnus, as Hikaru blushes, the boyish figure undressed before Magnus. "Weak tempo play, Hikaru." The two kissed, deeply and passionately, and afterwards Magnus places his rook into Hikaru's open line.

  28. Every guy is picky in this feminist time. No guy wants a girl that believes she's equal to him. There's a limit to what psychosis a guy can tolerate.

  29. I'm afraid that if you play chess at that level, you're devoting all your time to chess. Literally. Also, if you play chess at that level, you are borderline autistically gifted at math, and likely not socially gifted.

  30. It's cause they don't understand that the king sometimes has to sacrifice for the queen

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