Magnus Carlsen rates opponent players (Giri, Nepomniachtchi, Nakamura, Alireza) | FTX Crypto Cup


  1. the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen is really annoying

  2. All people knows that Nepo is the genius one

  3. If mamedyarov was there he should have picked him as the most entertaining player

  4. Isn't Hikaru the quickest? He's been ranked #1 in bullet lots of times and I would consider him the quickest

  5. His analysis is too shallow to be interesting

  6. I thought he was going to name Daniel Dubov as the most entertaining

  7. Can't believe the "FTX crypto cup" was a real thing LOL

  8. I thought he was going to say Niemann is the most annoying.

  9. There should have been a category for Hans Nieman, like who works their ass off to defeat you?

  10. The only people he chose are people that he actually gives a fuck about.

  11. Ian was definitely the genius he won two candidates and is likely to win the wcc if he drew all of his matches now

  12. Nakamura is annoying in game and in real life

  13. 0:31

    uh so wrong to hear this after today's game against Ding Liren xD

  14. I thought:
    Genius – Carlsen
    Entertaining – Giri
    Quickest – Nakamura
    Finesse – Nepo
    Resilience – Alireza

  15. I would've rated Karyakin higher than Nepo. Just look at Nepo's 12 game against Ding

  16. I mean I understand there can be some sneaky mistakes while editing, but how the hell do you forget a cursor on the video screen?

  17. Who's here after Ding "Chilling" Liren got crowned to see whether his name is here?

  18. Love Magnus, however, had no idea about it before, but I hate his handwriting so much

  19. Well Nepo disappointed Carlsen so much he had to quit defending his title lmao.

  20. I can see why Nakamura would be the most annoying for Carlsen because chess has two totally different way of solving. Carlsen said that he can see possible moves instantly and best moves correctly in 90%+ of cases but have to break down the moves to check it, and that’s what consumes his time. While Nakamura seemed to be the opposite, he blurted out details of the moves and see that it’s okay tactically while others that sees it otb for them it seemed like an ugly moves and don’t know why Naka would play that.

    When you see Carlsen’s blunder esp in blitz it was tactical blunder that even lower level chess players would notice. The answer is perhaps he didn’t even bother to calculate the moves and it looked good to him. So for him seeing Naka moves he must have kept thinking,” what an ugly moves, it must be better for me somewhere down the line.” Then if the game ended up in draw it must have been frustrating.

  21. Мне нравится как он произнес Ян Непомнящий. Четко!

  22. i was gonna say hikaru in the "entertaining" spot because his streams are much more fun and lively compared to magnus's, but in terms of gameplay, its prob magnus

  23. I was wondering why he didn't put Hikaru down for entertaining… then I saw him put that down for annoying and it answered the question.

  24. Magnus calls himself " entertaining " !?….He is not half as entertaining as Alireza.

  25. and nepo win the world championship!!!!!

  26. Nepomniachtchi is not a genius and chess is not entertainment.
    Its a stupid game (bobby fischer)

  27. Hikaru is both an annoying and strong player but Fabi is a world champion.

  28. Magnus must really had high hopes for Alireza Ferouza but damn dude didnt sustain as strong as he started

  29. What happened to this year's FTX Crypto Cup? 🙃

  30. Put himself in entertaining but not in the genius…

  31. magnus is the only one person in the world who pronounced ian's lastname right

  32. Magnus: remembers thousands of chess games
    Also Magnus: can I remember how to spell his name??

  33. No lie when he wrote himself as most entertaining.

  34. Haha 😂😂, the moment i saw annoying , i knew magnus choice would be Nakamura lol😅

  35. can you imagine magnus picking himself to all the category

  36. Firouzja??? lol that is wrong spelling my friend

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