Magnus Carlsen Ranks Vishy Anand: Genius, Entertaining, Influence, Sanity


  1. I can brag too. I love being myself. I am not Vishy.

  2. Booby fisher is reason their is sanity category

  3. wouldn't the guy who made chess be the first grandmaster from India?

  4. Magnus Carlsen:
    Genius 9
    Entertainment 10
    Influence 8
    Sanity 5

  5. A billion people and my man gave him an 8.

  6. Bobby is the only reason there's a sanity rank

  7. He has influenced an entire country so he gets an 8? Lol

  8. How stupid of him!/just like his country of fools!

  9. I haven't seen much about Anand but Magnus here rated Bobby Fischer in genius with a 7 and that guy had matches with more than 90% of precision with plural brilliant moves. Idk

  10. Influence 8? Carlsen may be the current greatest but man , vishy influencing the whole country and encouraging the younger generation by his great chess. You can see goobal league how he played there. So many of indian younger generations encouraged by him lol, please stop it

  11. Magnus Carlsen:
    Genius 9
    Entertainment 10
    Influence 10
    Sanity 10

    Bobby Fischer:
    Genius 10
    Entertainment 10
    Influence 10
    Sanity 6

  12. Cool, but why in geniality is a 9 to Anand and 7 to Fischer? I disagree, but is a GM talking about.

  13. When Magnus rates homself he will say 10s across the whole board with no questions asked 😅

  14. I thought magnus have spesial sponsorship with puma

  15. Magnus became GM with all tech support. Anand became GM without much support. Anand is all time great

  16. People are misunderstanding Carlsen's rating of Anand's influence. Influence doesnt just mean inspiring a country to the game, but he took into account Anand's contribution towards the game. Chess evolved with theories put forward by many grandmasters, like Kasparov and Bobby Fischer, Anand didnt necessarily come up with any, but he uses the existing theories to build his game. Carlsen considered that and his countries influence and hence he gets an 8 which is pretty fair.

  17. I respect Magnus Carlson’s comments. Very intelligent and frank/honest (perhaps a Norwegian trait?).
    I think the most correct opinions will objectively be from this Norwegian chess GOAT.
    I appreciate the way he chooses his words and brilliantly communicates them without being negative. I am amazed and inspired.

  18. Anand was also nicknamed as the lightning kid, very quick on the board. Anand thinks that Fischer is the GOAT. Anand is a legendary player, so is Fischer and so is Carlsen.

  19. I love your games but not your YouTube videos so Unsubscribe ☑️

  20. Sanity and entertainment are often inversely correlated.

  21. People fighting over GOATs in other sports .

    There is only one GOAT in 21st century . Daddy Magnus .

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