Magnus Carlsen Ranks Bobby Fischer: Genius, Entertaining, Influence, Sanity


  1. Imo Fischer was very sane. Just one big blunder with the Jews, a blunder provoked by the books he read, doesn't make him a insane. He was very pur, such a clear mind, which made him to some extent incompatible to the toxicity of this world

  2. He's one of the greats for sure,he was a beast,a giant of the game,one of the true greats and a legendary figure in chess,,in the persiut of true greatness there is a huge risk of insanity that one battles with,but to commit to excellence/greatness in any eandevour in life is a rare thing,,in my opinion only the true greats embody this mindset

  3. Who gave permission to this gay to speak about the legend?

  4. Genius 10
    Entertaining 9.5
    Influence 10
    Sanity 6.5 (he was a little nutty, even if there is more truth to his claims than a lot of normies would like to admit)

    If Bobby had kept playing, Karpov probably would have never become a World Chess Champion, so any accolades that Karpov has would have been added to Bobby's accolades.

    In his latter years, he was also crushing his opponents in a way that no chess player has since, even Kasparov & Carlsen.

  5. If Fischer was alive today
    And given engine for a year

    Bobby be like : bring me carlsen 😂

  6. What Magnus and many other grandmasters at that level is so reluctant and afraid to say, is that it is possible to be a genius and a chess-worldchampion despite that you´re psychologically ill. Admit it Magnus, Kasparov and others. You´re afraid of him, because it shakes you in your root, that being unnormal can be an advantage in chess. You all envy him. None of you have bully-punched players like Larsen, Taimanov and Petrosian the way Fischer did and sent shockwaves through the entire chess-world. I don´t see Fischer as a less gifted attacking-player than Magnus. On the contrary. If Tal could tear Karpov totally apart as he sometimes did, then why shouldn´t Fischer be able to tear apart Karpov or Magnus when he plays his best?

  7. And without an engine , we were born in the computer age , in a 7 game series I would choose Fischer, every chess player learned from him including you, he was an original , you were his protege , nothing is new under the ☀️🌞 ☀️ sun, …. I say this out of respect

  8. Magnus hasn’t ever impressed me the way that Fischer has. Something about standing on the shoulders of giants

  9. By the "what I think you are, I am" concept…. Your sanity level is a 4. Your head is big and round, it has capybara qualities 😂

  10. I really like Magnus, but this is total bogus😂. Fischer was a very big genius.

  11. A 4 ROFLMAO!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    There's nothing about Fischer that was insane…the governments treatment of him needs a sanity test…he was hunted his entire life like he was Osama Bin Laden but for the terrible crime of playing a chess match. How that was anything more than a fine I'll never understand.

  12. At no point was Bobby any less than 100% sane. He was smeared, like many others, for telling the truth about a certain tribe.

  13. 180 IQ: 🗿
    BATTLE IQ: 🗿
    EQ: 0 🤡
    6-0 with soviet players 🗿

  14. Fischer would simply destroy carlsen in a set of match

  15. Not the smoothest, most intelligent, or most entertaining of all analyses, but considering the source worth a watch and a comment.

  16. He wasn't a chess genius after all he was a genius playing chess

  17. Magnus: His games weren't exciting in terms of new ideas
    Bobby: Created game of the Century at mere age of 13
    (Consisering that Era, Bobby was an absolute beast. Without any super gm's help, he climbed the ladder alone as a a mad Genius. Sitting and plying with himself. As if chess wanted him to play the game)

  18. if only magnus live fischers era he would get destroy even mikhail tal negs magnus

  19. Fischer enjoyed the win and not the most politically correct guy if you may say.. 🤣

  20. Pragannandha then goes on to give Magnus a 6 in genius

  21. How is this comment section 80% either fischer's life story or the highest praise possible.
    I get that many like that 60s player but the different times and circumstances make it barely possible to judge whether magnus gave a good rating here.

    So the fact he played 60 years ago makes a difference but it says nothing about how good compared to other top players he would be in the current time, so I'm not even trying to estimate it, as others do.

  22. Does he even know fischer? this short might be the most hilarious joke of 2023.

  23. Im sorry , but Magnus should know his place . If Magnus was a player in that era with no engines and stuffs , he wouldnt be even in top10 😀😀😀 . What a delusional clown .

  24. Bro, Bobby Fischer would smoke Carlsen and Fischer didn’t even have chess engines to study with.

  25. Keep in mind he is the man to beat the Soviet union in chess 💪

  26. Bobby is knock knock knock in the casket 😂😂😂

  27. Sorry Magnus but I just disagree with you, I admit you would beat him because chess has moved on but in terms of raw chess moves in a completely new game he's so much better than you if you rate his genius a 7 Ur a 6 basically there's a reason he holds the game of the century at only 13 mind you he's an absolute genius

  28. Thats fucked up talk about the former world champion who dominated the chess world without computers from a player who has undoubtedly used computers.

  29. The best of the best, Super GM Bobby Fisher, forever !

  30. Magnus is not strong enough to rate bobby button

  31. I remember that Magnus admitted Fischer was the greatest now he saying this? Weird. It's not his own idead i guess.

  32. Carlsen thinks that Fischer was not a genius.
    I didn't know Carlsen was jealous

  33. There are many good players than bobby Fischer nowadays

  34. magnus jealous, he never gonna be great as fischer

  35. Yeah you can tell Magnus isn't a fan of Bobby.

  36. Come on, Magnus is just being trashy being compared to the greatest Chess Player of all time. After 5 decades they are still comparing Fischer to the current players whose achievements are aided by the best computer engines. Carlsen is for me isnt as boom as Fischer was in 70s.

  37. This is how a high egoistic self center cocky person speaks about The Greatest of all time Bobby Fisher.

  38. Fischer was a genius. He was able to deduce he and his family was being spied on by the government, but had no shred of evidence. It was revealed after his death that the government WAS spying on his family, particularly his mother, because they thought she was a Russian spy.

  39. In genius hes 10/10 his iq was estimated to be 181 higher than einstein and he was extremely good at math

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