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  1. to those who don't know.the board use here is called DIGIBOARD if white wins both kings should be place in the white squares, if black wins both kings should be in dark squares if draw one king in dark and the other king in white squres

  2. Magnus had the habit of winning thats why he put it that way,, he didn't even realised it🤣

  3. Pragg at end: " i will cry out loud if you do this again".

  4. Magnus always appreciate this lad and push him to do best❤

  5. Magnus is used to winning 😂😂😂

  6. Don't worry Pragg. I mean even if your big bror leaves you do to decline skills caused by aging you will always have Keymer and Nodirbek. Carlsen is the big bro to all of them, the mentor.

  7. He didn’t do it mistakenly, it’s all psychological against your opponent

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