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  1. Apa Fungsi di setiap selesai permainan Raja selalu di taruh Tengah'' Papan Catur? Tanya serius

  2. That smile by pragg when he saw was heartwarming 😊

  3. what they write ?? ?maybe abuse eacah other

  4. That actually was his last move to win the game

  5. When your competitor knows your fake move and takes it lightly 😂

  6. Just I admire with prag's attitude…

  7. দাবা খেলা চেক মিট করতে না পারলে জয় পরাজয় নির্ধারণ হয়। কিন্তু এই খেলায় জয় পরাজয় নির্ধারণ হবে কিভাবে?

  8. click bait. He didnt try to do any prank

  9. Want to tell everyone that he caN troll Everyone😂

  10. I think it was actually confusion, Magnus thought Pragg resigned then shake hands when Pragg actually shake hands for a draw lol.

  11. Magnus was too afraid to lose, he didn't want anyone to replace him

  12. Pragg future world champion and he gonna keep that for deceds ❤Legend already Born

  13. bro has a strong photographic memory but also a strong muscle memory xD

  14. His last attempt to with that game😂😂😂 more power to Pragg🎉❤

  15. In the end, Magnus kept the king 2 steps ahead wherin it is only allowed to keep 1 step each time. hows that posible??

  16. Wait, THAT'S how he's been winning all these years?!

  17. He won this game in an alternate dimension.

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