Magnus Carlsen Plays FOOTBALL to WIN in Chess! #shorts

Magnus Carlsen can do anything! 😈

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Grow hairs then make video 😢. Till then sleep

  2. When you want a smoke but the store is closed

  3. Didn't knew Magnus could play⚽️

  4. Could u tell me the same incident did it applicable for Asians to take a break and ask the western organizer to arrange some stress buster venue and re-enter the event. If Asian ask to arrange western would reply saying 'no' this is racism…. U r appreciating this incident😂😂😂 same guy Magnus couple of years back stated visiting India is one of his bad experience…

  5. bro game is game when ur playing volley ball and fell ur about to loose and start playing chess would it be good . or while writing exam can u leave suddenly and tell can I play and come and write . BE PROUD INDIANS WERE ABOUT TO WIN he is not so big player . these many yers all dummy players are his apponents understood

  6. Kids, don't take this seriously. don't start playing with the football when you feel you are not 'in the flow' to write an exam

  7. I feel like i just got my cars warranty extended

  8. If anyone other than our Masters (the white) does this, he would be called an idiot and someone lost his mind. Imagine me jumping on the floor in my office because I am not feeling the flow. A memo would land in my inbox the same day! 😂

  9. I would have taken a basketball
    We just need a little distraction to calm our minds

  10. haaland and odegaard been real quiet since this dropped

  11. Also magnu: i need to take a shit, can i draw the match

  12. Thats why we love football , we forget the worries when inside the field

  13. Not in his own hands
    But in his own feet 😂

  14. MAGNUS:Inability to perform in unwanted Conditions
    INDIAN: Condition. ( SEEMS like WOMEN IN THAT CARTOON haaha)

  15. Norwegians are built different first him then Haaland and Ødegaärd 💀

  16. Chessbaseindia mere lundd utte vajje

  17. Magnus carlsen ki mummy mere lundd utte vajjje

  18. Magnus Carlsen is Peter Dinklage with larger body,

    No hate pls, it's just an opinion.

  19. Everything feels better when you play football ⚽

  20. It’s so easy to beat Indians. He didn’t have to go there. He could have just smoked that Indian

  21. imagine asking a football in a exam hall after watching this motivation video

  22. Don’t eat strange curry 🍛 before a tournament

  23. Imagine footballers started playing basketball on the field just coz they don't feel comfortable 💀

  24. Not to be the partypooper, but should it be allowed to modify schedule? The opponent may be in the frame of mind to play, instead is being made to wait which may disrupt his flow

  25. Anish giri ko beat karne ke liye ye sab karne ki jarurat nahi thi 😂😂😂

  26. Of course he talking about the one India

  27. Absolutely brilliant to get back into the vibe the flow amazing

  28. Bro told Ronaldo and Messi hey guys remember when we played where it was a 2v1 and I won 32-0

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