Magnus Carlsen Plays FOOTBALL to WIN in Chess! #shorts

Magnus Carlsen can do anything! 😈

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Ferg please get me a decent phone to play cod on 😂 day 14 p.s fax

  2. His opponent be like – Haan ye karlo pehle 😂

  3. Everything wash lyuking gud bro learn how speak before making this windows

  4. This commentary of Sagar feels really deep

  5. Last ball kick hit that Indian’s face😂😂

  6. Its important to blow off steam. Do what you feel most comfy with, and your head becomes clear.

  7. Most of the people don't know
    But this not feeling the flow is mainly because of indigestion and constipation,
    For this, simple solution is avoiding fiber less foods and having physical activity
    Because of physical activity instestines move so stools also move

  8. Did I just saw he shoot on random guy in the face in the last part of the clip and called magician for it 😅😅

  9. He is genuinely good with the football ⚽️

  10. A chess grandmaster is better at football then me 😭

  11. Bro give this man a contact for 100 million

  12. R U from Magnus PR team? You always showcase him like he is a god in chess. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. So, buy a football along with chessboard…

  14. And draws the match if he is not feeling good

  15. Organiser worried about not football they worried about the gutka may split here and there or cleanliness 😂😂

  16. Sagar and his magnus obsession getting out of hand day by day😂

  17. Something with football, msd also play football before the match. 😅

  18. Magnus Carlsen <—-> Magnus Haaland/Odegaard for a few seconds 😂

  19. Imagine loosing after doing all these shits😂

  20. Sahi muhurt ka intezar kar raha tha😅

  21. Chess is highly stressful game..if i play game continuously for 1hr .my head pains at the centre and back side..

  22. Are you an Indian? Because you didn't know I that Pragananda has already beat Magnus Carlsen 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  23. I am laughing do hard when he said tara bcuz tata means dad in Romanian😂😂😂

  24. Magnus and Hikaru always leave one feeling off it's either Magnus defeats Hikaru and Hikaru makes him feel like shit after a good fight or either Hikaru defeats Magnus and he gets the same effects

  25. he was just afraid of Anish. Don't read into it too much

  26. Main Quest:
    Defeat Anish Giri

    Side Quest
    Dribble 5 times in a row (gained +1000 exp)

  27. Bro really went for a training arc🗿🗿

  28. Just like magnus said : play with yourself😂

  29. Thank you for sharing the perspectives of legends. It teaches us a lot..

  30. In another timeline, Messi and Ronaldo are GMs

  31. "I am feeling unwell i think I won't be able to win"

    Other top players:- lets revise my theory and try to do a draw.
    Magnus:- pass me some footballs i am bored

  32. Magnus after playing football: +150 elo points😊

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