Magnus Carlsen played his last chess game as world champion

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  1. he doesn't need to defend it as he's still gonna be only one called a champion

  2. Why is johnny sins giving me chess updates

  3. This is so sad but beautiful, I love your vids and I'm sad this is his last

  4. Well at last here we have it such a sad moment indeed

  5. It's gonna be weird to have a "champion" who we all know isn't necessarily the best.

  6. I am about 6 months new to the chess world. But I am so damn faschinated of Magnus Carlsen. He and I would work great together haha. He is just such a chill but intelligent man. And when I say intelligent HE IS SMART. He knows that chess is about playing the player and not moving the moves. When you come to that state in a game you can do anything. And that is why (as a 700 rated beginner) makes him one of my few role models in life. Such an inspiration.❤

  7. His last classical chess game as world champion so far.
    Yes, I am still coping that Magnus would join another candidate and become world champion again.

  8. I have a doubt
    Can he become the champion again the next year or so
    Somebody pls answer

  9. He's probably gonna beat the new champion with ease ☠

  10. I tell you what as soon as Asian kids get their hands on chess. It is game over.

  11. He is still world champion in our hearts

  12. And 14 years Pragnanand 🇮🇳defeated him as he nothing in front of him😂

  13. I‘m the only one, who loves Bobby Fischer I guess

  14. I want to see him represent the human race against the most advanced COMPUTERS. Gary Kasperov lost to a computer but I think Magnus is even better.

  15. He just like the Alexander the small😂

  16. He is God of chess . I'm sure whoever face carlsen in final not happy 😂

  17. I won't feel comfortable seeing someone else becoming chess world champion other than Magnus

  18. He's already beyond classical, and he finds it difficult to reach 2900 if he keeps on defending his world title

  19. These videos which end in a looping pattern get me every damn time

  20. Damn if Hikaru gets world champion now it wont feel deserved

  21. No way magnus is still the best player in the world

  22. You have to actually have a world championship to replace him. We have doubts

  23. For good reason. Classical games are too long. For magnus its like being on an 8 hour flight daily for 2 weeks. Imagine the worst part? Hr already knows he won, so he just has to wait for his opponent to blunder

  24. Is it because he will call cheats every time someone beats him?

  25. No one could dethrone him so he dethroned himself.

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