Magnus Carlsen Is Clearly The Best Chess Player In The World – Hikaru

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  1. It almost makes it not exciting.. that there is nobody who can challenge the champion

  2. The idea of Magnus leaving chess to play poker is:
    1. Depressing
    2. Clearly the plot for Space Jam 3(what makes it even more depressing)

  3. Magnus is an undisputed champion/legend at this point. If he doesn't play and decided to move on to other things and play chess a bit more semi-casually, I don't think anyone would say he isn't the best there is. He doesn't need the title "world champion" to be seen as the greatest alive anymore, He's proven himself enough.

  4. It is universal truth that Magnus is the best ❤️

  5. Recency bias is strong as ever. Garry is still the GOAT, Fischer/Magnus second, Magnus still has time tho

  6. Go Hikaru 💪 I want to see you playing Magnus 🥳

  7. Magnus is our hope to win stockfish and alpha zero

  8. "Anyone deserve a chance to lose against Magnus" ,😜

  9. Hikaru praising magnus is the final certificate of perfection Magnus can get. He doesn't need any WC after this 😂😂😂

  10. Flattering Magnus so that he doesn't play WCC and he gets to play that

  11. the man is infamous for being bored. let him not play if he wanted to not play.

  12. There is always that one guy who stands out from the rest of the pros in sports.

    Faker in League of Legends

    S1mple in CSGO

    Lebron in Basketball

    Magnus in Chess

  13. Wouldn't be better to have a world championship winner coming out from a closed tournament like the candidates? That would certainly motivate Magnus again and it would be great for chess audiences. I mean the candidates is always more exciting than the world championship match, let's be honest. Besides, why does world championship of chess have the same format as boxing? It doesn't make sense.

  14. Imagine being a grand master in the time of magnus. Nobody will remember you in 50 years because Magnus was so dominant.

  15. As Nepo is basically guaranteed to win the candidates it wouldn't surprise me too much if Carlsen actually doesn't play.

  16. Magnus is obviously trolling. It’s actually strategic too. It has two objectives: one make the tournament more competitive. If people think second place matters, everyone will be forced to play harder.

    This will mean less ties and more competitive games, meaning magnus gets to see more of their recent prep.

    It’s also just trolling: I got the sense he was saying : I don’t want to play and beat Nepo again. I think the will play. He just playing the game before the game

  17. i feel like giving up the title even though you defended it for 5 times now is a bit cheap
    its just weird for the next WC to know they may not truly deserve to have stolen the title from the former WC

  18. Magnus understands and control the End Game fantastically. He will sac his Queen for pieces or pawns to enter the End Game and win.

  19. Very well said actually with the Fischer/Karpov example

  20. Fischer himself was less certain than Hikaru that he would have probably beaten Karpov.

  21. Magnus believes in his intuitions and very confident about his moves but other players lacks that ability.And I think it makes him the best player in the world.Thinking differently/adaptability is very important than same line of calculations.

  22. Magnus nearly Lost to Karjakin and the Match With Fabiano was also very close so I dont think its so clear That je would win

  23. Yah, Magnus would win against top player from half a century ago, shocker. Next thing you tell me he would win against Capablanca.

  24. Deep in hikaru's heart: "if magnus doesn't play and i can finish 2nd, then i'll play championship, as simple as that" 😂😂

  25. Magnus would never lose like the clowns in the current candidates did. Magnus is on a different level unfortunately

  26. WRONG! Humans are terrible. If you want to know some actual good chess players, look at alphazero, stockfish, leela.

  27. I feel like Magnus is just the loudest and most egotistical. There’s probably some old dude in some small village somewhere who doesn’t care about fame that would slap Magnus up and down the street.

  28. Idk if im remembering incorrectly but im pretty sure in an interview once magnus said he remembers every game hes ever played. Yeah good luck beating that

  29. Maybe Magnus doing what heavyweight boxers do all the time. Remind people of their value by introducing the idea they are taking themselves away.

  30. Magnus Carlsen is a GOAT, ….. Muhammad Ali said, the differences between the GOAT and the rest of great players are technically not too much, sometimes they win with unbelievable big margin, and many times only by a fraction, the GOAT in the most crucial decisive time, always have the mental toughness and attitudes that give some unexpected slight edges to overcome opponents, therefore swimmers like Mark Spitz manage to got 7 olympic Gold medals with only tiny fractions of seconds, Magnus himself several times have to go to tie breakers. He is a true dominant champion

  31. Magnus truly the GOAT.

    He beat the guy whose miles ahead of the candidates like the guy just studied chess today. Just Wow

  32. Everyone's worried Magnus won't play but I'm sure there are people/sponsors out there who would incentivize Magnus to play the world championship with $$$.

  33. Magnus is 50-100 Elo stronger than his opponents but at that level 100 points is like a 1500 playing a 1900…

    If Magnus ever breaks 3000 we need to invent a new title above GM.

  34. If Magnus decides not to defend his title. Hopefully we can expect a SUPER interesting next candidates and championship game

  35. I don't see where Magnus doesn't play the world championship:
    1. There is a lot of prize money on the line and while he's not going broke anytime soon, it's still a lot a money
    2. I think he would have a hard time seeing someone as world champion when he knows that he could confidently beat them

    It could be a negotiation tactic. The organizers know a match with Magnus will draw a bigger crowd than one without, so he could demand a bigger prize pool before he'll play

  36. If you're an endurance athlete and have completed a gruelling race, then you might recognise Magnus' comment. Often, very often you hear yourself and others say "never again" directly after the finish – then a couple of months later you're stabbing you exhausted self in the back and start preparing for the next event…

  37. Magnus


    Everyone else

  38. The rating difference between #1 Magnus and #2 Ding is as big as between #2 Ding and #16 Karjakin. This is massive, especially in the era of super deep engine preps. Just for comparison, the incredibly strong ex-challenger Fabiano just lost 4 out of 14 games and it is just "bad tournament" for him, meanwhile Magnus is losing a game once in a few months on average, and every time it is a sensation.

  39. i am actually looking for decent chess players to make them crushers in mtt poker tournaments ! I think poker and chess have so much more in common than the average joe thinks + a 2k rated player in chess makes 0 money when in poker he could literally be crushing souls !

  40. Magnus’ genius brain is unequal to anyone. He has reached a new level of genius that will be tough to challenge while he is still alive. Anyone else will always be living in his shadow.

  41. Damn.. Hikaru is so humble and proper. Really classy! When the number 1 blitz and bullet and previous number 2 in highest FIDE classical says that.. It's just pure class.

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