Magnus Carlsen Crushing GMs With The London

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  1. As a beginner I've been playing with the assumption that pawns are quite superfluous pieces but these games prove that given the right tactics they are actually some incredibly powerful pieces. Fascinating stuff!

  2. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤❤

  3. Hey Levy? It's two months later and you're already .14 above 4M subs, so congrats my friend!

  4. A tons of thanks for making videos like this. Next month my tournament is there. I just watch to your videos and practice. It helps a lot.

  5. now you're 4.16 mil! 😀 congratulations 🙂

  6. ᴺᴱˣᵀ ᴸᴱⱽᴱᴸ ᴱᴰᴵᵀˢ says:

    I usually play london only but l castles on queen side
    Cuz my opponent caatles on king side and l just want to attack that side

  7. ᴺᴱˣᵀ ᴸᴱⱽᴱᴸ ᴱᴰᴵᵀˢ says:

    Imagine magnus playing london against the best defender hikaru 🥶

  8. Watching this on September 20th, 2023, and you're at 4.21m subscribers

  9. Levy I think I'm going to get out in front of this and just say- as far as Magnus goes, it doesn't matter what he plays as an opening. I think he can beat anyone with any opening. Although he does lose on rare occasions, there seems to be only a handful of people that can give him any serious challenge. It's interesting to see and I do learn from watching him play. If he plays something silly to open, (a6? h6? Bongcloud?) his Middlegame is so strong that he can equalize it from basically any position either color. Everyone loves to praise his endgame, which is the best of all time truly, but for me it's the crucial Middlegame he rules. Long story short, Magnus said on a few occasions that he loves the London, so I can't bring myself to hate it despite the trend.

  10. Man Levy you delivered on this one, we had everything: Magnus, the London, the ROOOOOK! and some very John Madden /NFL style commentary. It was all there plus in Sept. 2023 you are up to 4.22M subs.

  11. "He controls the game without even moving" wonderful stuff thanks for your content (and chessly courses btw are very good)

  12. I’ve never learned so much about chess while laughing my ass off. This guy is Amazing 🤝

  13. I enjoyed this so much – no disrespect if you ever wana fire up those guns hit my line i got you

  14. If you did the hour and a half of these I’d watch

  15. Im going to watch magnus games wearing a wristwatch so i may understand them better

  16. Carlsen's strong suit is strategy and positional play so him using the London to beat GMs is logical.

  17. Maaannn I want my life to be just half as interesting as that bishops.

  18. I finally remembered the person you remind me of when you do your stare. The British retired gymnast Nile!

  19. Makes one wonder why Magnus doesn't play the London in all his games.

  20. i think i'm the one from the future congrats

  21. you've gone from 3.9m -> 4.3m subs in 4 months. nice!

  22. interesting, but easy on cocaine i would suggest

  23. Oct 31 2023

    And levy you got your 4 million subs

    4.32 to be exact

  24. Your commentary was incredibly entertaining.

  25. No fancy comments needed. Magnus. Just W-O-W..💪💪

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