Magnus Carlsen Checkmates Bill Gates in just 12 seconds

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, billionaire and philantropist, faced off against the World Chess Champion – Magnus Carlsen during the talkshow “Skavlan” in 2014, recorded in a studio in London. Carlsen started with 30 seconds on his clock, and Gates with 2 minutes – by the time he’d win the game, Carlsen would only up 12 of those seconds!
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  1. That was the longest 12 seconds of my life

  2. "I usually last longer". Trying to hide the embarassment

  3. I usually last longer, yeah that's what I say when I casually walk into free knights.

  4. What’s the matter bill? Your nazi parents couldn’t just hand you the keys to chess like they did your fortune?

  5. That's why Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. 🤗

  6. Yea it's like Tom Brady challenging Jon Jones to a fight.

  7. Bill gates is actually good, I'm impressed that he castled.

  8. At the moment Magnus cant defeat bill on Companies and technologies and bill cant win against magnus

    Both have unique stregnth and weaknesses

  9. Cant king kill queen diagonally,, idk im dumb

  10. At least I held on more moves than Bill Gates against Magnus Carlsen's bot on Chess com my first time because I played very defensive

  11. Thats the difference between the colonists and norwegians…😂

  12. Precisely, chess brilliance is just chess brilliance, does not say anything about intelligence.

  13. This is the moment Magnus became MACness, as later that evening all his windows devices mysteriously received the blue screen of death

  14. No quiero ser hiperactivo y con ansiedad AMEN ❤ puajj

  15. I usually last longer 😶

    Thats an universal lie 😂🤣

  16. That’s why windows doesn’t have chess anymore! 😂

  17. Why did he castle on the sight of the queen? That was a very bad move

  18. His every move seems towards that last move. He almost made Bill Gate's every move! Amazing! Bill Gates is quite intelligent but these games require practice.

  19. if you haven't played chess in a long time, it takes several weeks of playing to see the board well again. at least, for a low-level player like myself

  20. I m better than BILLION LORD Gate…fine gonna replace him sooner

  21. I appreciate that Carlsen knew he was playing for an audience, so he went for the flashy win.

  22. Wow, the reps guy beats the no reps guy. Wow.

  23. How did Bill interchange king with Rook ? 🤔

  24. "I usually last longer" is what guys tell hot girls in the bedroom. Bill was clearly hot for him hahahah

  25. He was alright until he moved that knight…

  26. now do math, tech , and science and see whos smarter 😂

  27. yeah that makes sense, Chess isn't a test of raw IQ or how well you can do anything but play Chess. it's a pretty specific game.

  28. Isn’t it a stalemate because gates was never in check?

  29. « Usually I last longer » sounds like something he might say to his wife

  30. Bill: "Gg, now let's compete in programming"
    Magnus: 💀

  31. Eventually
    People are going to realize that Bill Gates is no genius, he stole most of the tech for Microsoft, came from a very wealthy elite family and is likely a CIA operative just like Epstein just like Zuckerberg another thief

  32. For those who are wondering, the "12 seconds" refer to the total time it took Magnus to make all of his own moves according to the chess clock. Gate's moves are counted separately. That's why it's "12 seconds" despite the video being over a minute.

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