Magnus Carlsen Age 29 vs’s Maximum Computer 25

With’s release of a new 3200 rated chess engine, we see Magnus Carlsen Age 29 face off against one of the world’s best chess computers! What do you think will be the result?

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This is the new chess computer on which allows you to play against a Super Computer to see if you can defeat it! Magnus Carlsen’s play is represented by Magnus Age 29 on the play Magnus App.’s Computer 25 vs Magnus Carlsen Age 29

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  1. i beat a maximum robot on accident and im elo 300

  2. "Your opponent played well" Bit of an understatement.

  3. It achievement for me if I can even survive 20 moves against AI.

  4. Magnus is different, mf plays the top engine line almost everytime

  5. I am a noob I survived after 34. 0 mistakes 2 blunders lmao.

  6. magnus tu me decois beaucoup, je pensais que tu etais plus débrouillard

  7. Meinen die das real weil sehe Fehler von magnus und Fehler vom Bot das eigentlich nicht passieren sollte

  8. imagine some complete beginnner acidentally manage to beat master chess bot on first try

  9. no one in here would believe me but i actually won against computer 25 by using computer 9 i was actually trying to do the the opposite of it but computer 9 end up defeating 25 i still cant believe that it happened

  10. My theory, but this means we as humanity must become smarter, our creations shouldn't outsmart creators. No just chess, but all areas.

  11. Haha Carlsen is NOTHING mate. Couldn't even beat 25 hahahahaha!

  12. Funny how so called best chess players make 2-year old blunders in quick succession. This game reeks of tactlessness on the part of Magnus. And, why is it video not finished?

  13. And the Day will be come , who the human destroy the computers, and then they take a revange to the humans world.

  14. Looks like Magnus Carlsen against Hans Niemann! Oh wait…

  15. Computers scare me. This dude has the best human for a decade and he stands no chance. Imagine when our military generals are AI machines….scary.

  16. First thought – i won't win.
    second thought – extend it.

  17. Damn i lasted 58 moves screenshotted it i was so happy. Now im no chess player i watched queens gambit wanted to try chess started out on the easiest 600 or 650 setting and worked up and after beating a low 2000s computer i for fun wanted to go maximum and yeah it was fun. I was injured and had nothing to do for 6 weeks except watch tv and play chess. I did better than magnus against computer but lost to a regular person in real life. Idk anxiety gets too me playing real person but the computer yah it was truly fun and challenging, i had no idea getting into it id do so well the person who beat me i had him go against like a 1100 on the computer and he lost. This was last year sorry if i dont remember specifics. Yah if anyone has tips to deal with anxiety of playing a person let me know?

  18. The fact that even magnus didn't have a brilliant move…

  19. The more someone like Magnus Carlsen play's the computer, the closer we all are to Skynet genocide.

  20. I watched this in slow mode to understand what happened

  21. I beat a chess bot pretty easily. I just hacked it so I won. It was level 25

  22. I just started getting into chess secretly because my brother is obsessed with it. I know nothing but the moves except the castling because it confuses me.

    He sucks dick because I played for the first time in 3 years and managed to beat him but next time I fight him I'm gonna be a god to him.

  23. I smoked this tin can my first time ever playing chess which was also my first time ever using a computer.

  24. What happened there was no clear result somebody explain please

  25. "Bd8 is best" is that a suggestion for you? I wonder if you took all the suggestions If you would win

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