Magician for a Reason 🐐❤️


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  1. Vishy 53 years semi retired still playing

  2. Sacrificing almost all his pieces and eating Grand Masters for breakfast. That's Tal for everyone!

  3. 55 is too young to die… How did he die?

  4. I don't play to Win
    I played just for Sacrifices
    I'm not legendary
    But you can call me legend
    I don't Sacrifices for Wins
    I do for a reason that even Chess Gods can't understand…
    -Mikhail Tal (GOAT)

  5. Seeing him in such condition is so depressing😞😞

  6. Fisher, inigualable!!..unico, se dió rl lujo de rechazar una limosna que le ofrecía EEUU… país que lo hizo exiliar a Islandia..por la paranoia de los gringos con el comunismo.

  7. I think he knows that he's going to die. So he played his best game of life……❤

  8. awesome his name is nowhere in history thats so sad mikhail hats of to you

  9. That's what we call their legend on their own, but the good purposes will end with good images and values on that person, That's we call it as a respect man.

  10. He definitely made a bet with the Grim Reaper thay if he wins he gets a extension.

  11. Fischer is the most remarkable player for me! Def a man with class!

  12. Bobby Fischer got me into chess. Magnus got me inspired. And Mikhail made me stay.

  13. Magician be like i want to on stage by playing chess it's an honorable death for me RESPECT MAGICIAN THE GOAT

  14. Встретились как-то два еврея…

  15. Tbh, I would call this dumb because he should be taking care of his health. No offence intended
    I like his hairstyle btw ❤

  16. He might not be considered the GOAT but he is definitely one of a kind .
    A player like him will never grace the game again.

  17. I believe Tal is the best chess player of all time😮

  18. An absolute Legend of the game – courtesy Master Mikhail Tal.! ✌🙌❤🙌✌

  19. The only man that not even Stockfish can predict his moves

  20. becareful if he gives you his queen 🤣 its checkmate in maybe next 5 move

  21. Mikhail Tal makes smoking cool. I am smoker now.

  22. Обычный шахматист: нельзя терять ни пешки!
    Таль: мне надо избавиться от лишних фигур, они мешают мне ставить мат😎

  23. People here saying that winning is fun. No no no I disagree. Creating a masterpiece is fun!! Becauae ideas are very fun!!

    People forget the exact reason why they keep living. Its because of thier ideals!!

  24. I love tal and kasparov❤️🫶🔥

  25. The legend who will make sacrifices that are said to be wrong by engines but they still work – Mikhail Tal
    The legend who made moves more precise than any engines today need depth 20-30+ to make – Bobby Fischer
    The legend who trades into an endgame which is said to be a draw by today's engines and still he wins – Magnus Carlsen
    The legend who's career saw the rise of engines and yet he still fought back and is still relevant today – Garry Kasparov
    These legends defined what chess should be like for generations to come…

  26. Without ciggarete he still can beat kasparov!

  27. That shot of the empty hospital room with the chess set on the bed gives me chills

  28. He doesn't have 3 fingers he sacrificed 2 ☠️☠️🐐🐐

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