London Chess Classic 2015 – Player Opinions

Learn what the field of the 2015 London Chess Classic thought of one another before the games began.


  1. Hikaru on Carlsen: Prodigy

    Carlsen on Hikaru: DECENT

  2. Lmao MVL just made a cry for help w "unstable"

  3. Magnus on Fabi: "Machine."
    Fabiano on himself: [giggles and blushes] "I can't do myself!"

  4. Why didn't Vishy say anything about Magnus? Hahaha
    Also I would love to see Grischuk in a TV Series or a Movie or atleast in commentary.

  5. They should do opinions first and then show the name. Haha

  6. In America, you represent your country
    In Soviet Russia , Your country represent you!

  7. Hopefully I'm not the only one who noticed fabi called anish cocky

  8. Everyone describing in one word
    Hikaru: Nope

  9. this is how many times Magnus Carlsen said "resurgence"

  10. I dare all of them to play with me, I am in proud 900 club from last 2 years.

    They can never come to my club!

  11. So Matt Damon is a prodigy chess world champion now?

  12. I am the 100,999th viewer of this video
    and the time I'm commenting this, this video has 100,999 views ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. MVL on Adams: "British"

    ah France, never change

  14. A new word was added to the dictionary:

  15. LMAOOO Vishy just said "Just me" Vishy u dumbum that isnt an adjective

  16. Giri saying "myself" is probably the most bad ass thing a chess player has said

  17. This is such a healthy and wholesome video. I feel happier just seeing these chess geniuses be nice to each other.

  18. For being SuperGMs, you would think these people would understand the concept of "one word". Apparently not.

  19. A French guy and a Russian guy went into a club.

  20. Hikaru destroying the challenges with more than a word like a boss

  21. that SMILE on Magnus's when it was about ANISH

  22. Everyone : solid, unpredictable, legend, machine
    Maxime : FRENCH

  23. I like how they removed Vishy after he stopped giving opinions.

  24. Waiting for the day a grandmaster says "who?" in this interview.

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