Know the classics with Fischer, Botvinnik, Geller

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  1. Thanks for following up your coverage of the Women's games with this. Very interesting and informative.

  2. That was incredibly instructive!

  3. I believe a few of those delicate maneuvers of that first Geller game were featured in GM Bricard's smashing book "Strategic Chess Exercises." I'd love for you to do a book review on that one (or check it out in the first place if you haven't read it yet). Highly recommend

  4. What an excellent video! Educational and entertaining! Hard to believe this is all for free!

    15:19 I must add your enthusiasm is rather infectious, Mr.King! 🙂

  5. Huge fan of that Game 5 in the match, and of your coverage! fingers crossed for the 100k 🙂

  6. Hi Mr.King, This is the best "type" of video in this channel in which you relate concepts in modern games with old classics and this helps reinforce those concepts strongly. I remember your video on Anand's immortal game against Aronian and the comparison to Rubenstein's immortal with a similar concept. It's been 10 years, but I still remember it. Thanks for giving us the best analysis always. I hope this is the video that takes PowerPlayChess to a 100k!

  7. All very entertaining, but I liked the Geller game the most.

  8. Love them games Danny , great coverage as always ! Any chance of giving a list of similar strategic masterpieces like the geller game please 🙏

  9. Excellent lesson Mr King. Geller was Fischer's bete noire, besides he was Spassky's and Karpov's second.

  10. Thanks. Very nice THEMATIC video, showing some classics (some well-known games – by Botvinnik and Fischer, an other less so) highlighting a certain subject, like Strong Squares or Outposts. Very educational – MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!
    By the way: There is another game between Bertok and Geller that is also a strategic masterpiece, won by Bertok!

  11. Botvinnik (through his books) taught me the positional play.
    P.S. Szilagyi is pronounced Silagi [where g is like in "general"]

  12. Whoever read Michael Stean´s "Simple Chess" probably immediately thought of the Botvinnik – Szilagyi game when seeing that first position. It´s the first example in the book, too 😉

  13. Could you cover some games from botvinnik tal rematch

  14. Many thanks, love seeing the classics but your explaination is really informative.

  15. I need captions! Was about to see this now, but must do so muted. Without captions it's impossible to watch this.

  16. More videos like this! Incredibly instructive

  17. I prefer these positional binds rather than crazy tactical games. And I think we can learn more from positional games as its very easy to emulate in our own games

  18. I conclude from this mini-seminar that Danny has coded a machine learning tool to ferret out similarly themed chess positions from the historical record. If you agree to that, are we even sure it's Danny King presenting the video instead of a convincing deepfake?

  19. Bh6+…. followed by Rg8!!!…Mikhal Tal is up in heaven smiling and Bobby Fischer is behind him with his jaw dropped

  20. Very nice. Show us more classics, we like this!

  21. Although it may not be fair for me to say, I always get the impression that these type of historical lessons are an example of the perspective that is a significant part of the advantage Magnus has over his peers. I would bet he has learned more of them than the others have.

  22. This video is a didactical masterpiece, really great, very instructive and perfectly presented, very inspiring and motivating. Many thanks.

  23. Wikipedia:
    "Geller had an overall plus score against four world champions: Mikhail Botvinnik +4−1=7, Vasily Smyslov +11−8=37, Tigran Petrosian +5−3=32, Bobby Fischer +5−3=2."

  24. Carlsen beat Wesley So in a similar structure, don't remember the tournament, but the game was also very simple

  25. Hey make a video on opening strategy and mistakes and how GM think in chess

  26. This is my fav video of yours that I've watched – and I've watched hundreds of them!

  27. Amazing and highly instructive video! Please please consider making a series out of this: Thematic concepts across classical games!

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