Knight v. Pawn Endings, Part 1 | Test Your Knowledge | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

In this and the next video, I offer a set of exercises aimed at developing your ability to thrive in Knight vs. Pawn endgames [i.e. one side has a knight and/or pawn(s), the other side has only pawn(s)] with an eye toward deepening your understanding of the key concepts outlined in the introductory knight vs. pawns video (link below). We thoroughly examine eight highly instructive and entertaining real-life positions, each of which requires precise calculation and is aimed at improving your ability to apply and mesh the concepts that undergird these highly unbalanced and tactical endgames. Note that in this video, we “take the side” of the pawns, whereas in the next, you will be solving from the side that has the knight.

Foundational/Introductory Video on Knight vs. Pawn Endgames:

Bortnyk and Naroditsky’s Jobava London

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  1. That first example was really nice. Great calculation exercise

  2. I want to say 2 things.
    1- How is it possible for someone to make such great educational content for free which is not available even in some of the paid courses.
    2- The least we can do as a community is to probably support his yt by watching that 30 second ad lmao.
    P.S. 3- I like your curly hair 💃

  3. Genuinely feels like I should be paying so much money for this content.. And Danya is just such a joy to listen to. Keep it up man, we love you

  4. Daniel, I hope that you don't read comments but just in case: your attention to detail and high standards have pushed you to the GM level in competitive formats. I am sure that instinct pushes you to try to create the most amazing content possible, and maybe you want equal or greater success in this field. Stay with your instincts! Prioritize your health. Take breaks. Go to Bali. Do whatever. You have already created some of the most amazing, and free, educational resources for this lovely game. You have already given so much, don't be afraid to take something for yourself.

  5. If there's a position on the screen I can't even help trying to solve it. 😂

  6. Not sure who you are giving those disclaimers to at the beginning of most of your videos but I assure you they are not necessary. Upload when you upload sir, and take a break when you need it 🙏🏾 We appreciate you Master Danya! 🙌🏾

  7. Hey Danya! Where do you find all these random old games to talk about?

  8. you do you daniel! dont worry about us, we're grateful for anything you want to share on your terms. for every negative comment there are thousands of us that don't comment, but love what you do

  9. glad you're able to take time to prioritize your mental health – life is a marathon and not a sprint 🙂

  10. Endings is my favourite series on this channel, thanks for the content

  11. Thanks for continuing this series! I can see how much work it takes to produce these high effort videos.

  12. I freaking love this man. Take all the time you need dude. It takes multiple watches to even absorb it all.

  13. He called 2100 "weak players" c'est bizarre

  14. Awesome content, Danya. Thanks again

  15. Tell ya what, even as a 2K+ OTB player I am a faithful endgame series watcher. The opposition w/ a knight in the middle is a nice new nugget to have formalized.

  16. 29:33 White is still winning with Kd4 Kb7, Ke5 Nd7+, Ke6! – then Black has to try b4, but Kxd7 b3, g6 b2 and again a8=Q+! Kxa8, g7 b1=Q, g8=Q+! … In the resulting position White is able to take the last pawn and promote to a second queen, to win the game.
    Please, correct me if I'm wrong

  17. Very informative and instructive. Looking forward to next video.

  18. I don't know if it's just me, but I found Danya's introduction to this video quite inspiring.

  19. First of all: great content! Secondly: I ran the second position 21:35 through the engine, and after g6 ke6, we have that kd4 is winning, but kc3 is also winning! This move was far more intuitive to me, as we are not only getting to the knight, but we are also stopping blacks passed pawn on b5! essentially black has no more counterplay and loses on the spot, as he cannot help the b5 pawn with his king or knight, as they are stuck defending whites passed pawns!

  20. Hi Daniel. I have seen your party vs Robrt Ramerez in his channel. It was a great one, he gave you a hard time. It was awesome to see and watch you playing since I follow both of you and just you2. Tramandous
    Thanks for those valuable explanations 👍.
    You are the best.

  21. I go into winning endgames now with so much more confidence because of these end game videos

  22. It's so nice to see you so cheered up on this video! It's just like you say, your mental and body health goes first. As long as you listen to yourself you will always provide the best! Cheers danya.

  23. Personally I enjoyed the old format because you had more time to explain moves but a 5 minute game still gives you a decent amount of time for doing that. I think you should continue with the format you like the most because there's no point continuing with an old format if you don't enjoy doing it.

  24. Glad you're feeling better – – it's evident in your enthusiasm/excitement/demeanor. Thanks!

  25. I set up a physical analysis board and tried to solve positions and follow along. This has been Daniel's advice and it's worth following. Making moves on the board and understanding the positions increased the video's impact. It's the difference between passive learning active learning. I feel like this is as close as I will ever get to a private lesson with such a strong master. Thanks Daniel!!

  26. Saw this and I was like ah it’s the old video – and OMG it new it’s new

  27. These videos have really lifted my endgame play!! THX!

  28. thorough, instructive, very well done !!!

  29. Glad you are feeling better – can’t wait for more in this series!

  30. Endgame knowledge WILL increase your rating. Especially online there's tons of 1500s who are clueless and let me win lost positions 😅

  31. 24:20 Proud to say I found what seems to me like an easier win with Kc3 (after g6), not allowing any b pawn shenanigans
    The Kd4 line is still very interesting and makes for amazing learning material <3
    Thanks for the lesson Danya !

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