Kasparov’s PERFECT ATTACK against the U.S. champion Fabiano Caruana!

Greetings, dear chess fans and experts! This is FIDE Master Max Omariev with you. Today we are gonna be looking at how Garry Kasparov, the 13th world champion, executed a brilliant attack against the U.S. champion Fabiano Caruana. This game was played in 2016 at the Ultimate Blitz Challenge tournament, where Garry Kasparov fought against the best chess players in the United States.
Fabiano Caruana opens with knight F3. Knight F6 – Garry Kasparov responds. G3. This is Reti opening, and now we’ll see what Garry Kasparov has in store against this boring start. We have complete symmetry. Apparently Garry wants to play this game quickly. This is, by the way, the last game in this tournament, and perhaps Garry is already tired. He’s not a young man anymore. As you know, he gave up chess quite a long time ago. But let’s get back to the game. So far we have an unhurried development.
E5 – Garry Kasparov plays following the old Indian defense. But Fabiano Caruana decides to flank both bishops, affecting the center, but perhaps now he wants to play D4 as well to attack the center not only with pieces, but also with pawns. That’s why Garry Kasparov plays C5, not allowing him to play D2-D4. But this move has a disadvantage: the square D5 is weakened, now the knight can go to C3, then the second knight will go to E1, but in general White can occupy the square D5. But no. Caruana chooses another plan, he wants to play D4 anyway, so he plays E3. Kasparov plays knight C6, adds a blow on the D4 field, but also develops a knight. The game is going on let’s see the attack from Kasparov.
That was a brilliant game from the 13th world champion. He showed us the right way to attack. Friends, I hope you enjoyed this phenomenal attack from Garry Kasparov, Press the like button if you like the video. I also recommend that you subscribe to the channel and click on the bell button, not to miss the new cool chess videos that we release regularly for you.

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  1. Your commentary is OUT-OF-BOUNCE
    Stay objective

  2. A true legend," Garrik"! Who of course in the hands of Edward Gufeld, became a thrill! I would like to see a game between immortal Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov!!!
    Nice game, thanks💖

  3. imagínate Gary con 30 o 40 años menos le ganaba con un ciego, único incomparable el mejor de la historia x lejos

  4. كاسباروف حفر خندق لخسمه ثم التف عليه… عبقري

  5. khaaaarhuuuanaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. The best of his times. These good old times when chess players train without stockfish…

  7. Kasparov, you are the best chess player i have ever seen played. Your games could be compared to Beethoven or Mozart music. Virtuose of chess

  8. Your voice , the commentator, is irritating

  9. Greetings dear CHEEEEEEEESSSSSS fans and experts, this is FIDE Master Max Omariev
    Russians will understand)😅

  10. author, a chess game should be shown ONLY from the winning side. Otherwise, it is not interesting to watch the game

  11. شكرا علي وضع صورة رقعة الشطرنج في الخلفيه لكن الرجاء و ضع كل قطع ناحية صاحبها لأن ذهننا يتشتت بالوضع الذي أنتم تضعونه .

  12. I found a strange indipendent game ( R1sikoChess) about Chess, Risk, Monopoly and a lot of wargame elements in a weird/dramatic pre apocalypse scenario.. Graphic is not incredible but if you want to try something different and, above all, with a REALLY DEPTH playability and complexity, so take a look, search it on google

  13. I am not sure if Kasparov sees the bishop sacrifice miles ahead. He just went all in on all the king's side, positioning himself beautifully. I think he just knew it would give him ample opportunities.

  14. Would be awesome without the commentary

  15. Hay varias jugadas de Fabiano en defensa que no entiendo..tampoco entiendo porque no actuó antes con sus caballos…aunque soy un humilde principiante y admiro a los dos jugadores..

  16. How can you think you will know what a grandmaster is thinking,, stop let us enjoy the game.

  17. Kasparov always blessed his chess pieces before a match

  18. كاسباروف مرض نفسي لبعض اللاعبين

  19. Why they too much thinking, they must play with knight.

  20. For me Kasparov is the best chess player of all time. Considering the fact that in his youth he couldnt exercise with KI or online, and the fact that he still manages to beat the best players of today shows what a genius he is.

  21. Kasparov in his prime,could beat magnus carlsen also

  22. Wonderful old guy pushing it showing young man how to do it.😊

  23. Magnus said in his 2023 interview with Levy that Kasparov is the greatest of all time

  24. Ох, Каспаров и не приятный тип. Никакой харазмы. Напыщенный индюк.

  25. The syntax of this narrator is so weird, like an AI wrote it

  26. por que caruana no se enrocó mucho antes???? cuando puso su caballo a defender, creo que fué un error, ya no podia enrocarse, me corrigen si era buena idea o no enrocarse?

  27. Kasparov is the best for ever ! No contest .

  28. Kasparov in his prime would walk all over today's top Grand Masters even Carlsen would be in hot water!

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