Kasparov on Comparing the Best Players in the World


  1. That's basically the perfect answer for any GOAT debate. That's why these debates are so redundant. Cause this is the truth.

  2. But imagine that he is such a strong player when anyone can look into chess sequences in much more detail than ever before and even then he is the greatest. So yes Magnus is the greatest chess player of all times yet.

  3. Without kasparov there would be no carlsen " standing on the shoulder of giants"

  4. Every newer generation tends to do better on the metrics, but older generations tend to be challenged with more difficult hurdles to overcome

  5. Well Magnus does say that Gary is the goat so yes, Magnus is the goat despite his magnanimity.

  6. I have 3 older brothers- I became better than them in most sports. Not because I was a way better athlete, but because they had to blaze the trail and learn from their mistakes and teach me.

  7. He destroyed you in your prime as a kid. No more words needed…

  8. Luckily we don’t have this problem when it comes to boxing. There’s only one clear GOAT. Jake Paul.

    Coincidentally Jake is also better than Magnus Carlsen at chess, he just chooses not to compete professionally.

  9. Hes right thats just how any game evolves. People will find new strategies and the future generation will take what they learned and improve upon it and so on and so forth

  10. is he on drugs, or drunk?

    He slur his words

  11. Fisher hated chess…. thats why he invented fisher random, the only good way to play

  12. Well it’s obvious for soccer ⚽️. Pele all the way. 😀

  13. Idk….guys like Paul Morphy who was truly amazing at the time where there were no computers. Fischer too. How wud Magnus fair if he grew up in the 1800s to mid 1900s ?? I guess we ll never know

  14. I dont care what you say. Its about who is best at the game. Bring all the greats to life and magnus beats them.

  15. He has become humbler; now he only subtly says he is the best of all time

  16. I mean, I had a pretty damn good answer for that question specifically

  17. As soon as I heard his voice I was like “haha…dork.”

  18. What a brilliant analyzed and calculated answer from a tricky question.

  19. I think

  20. Agree. Another factor is the computer one. You can't compare Magnus to Kasparov or Karpov or Fischer, much less Paul Morphy. Nowadays we can analyze games and moves with an incredible amount of computer power to see which play or move is best. Back then it was all grey matter and studying, nothing more. His analogy to Pele/Maradona/Messi is on point imo. Very different games. Messi would crush both of them today, they played at a different pace back then. But they were the best during their times.

  21. Kasparov = Kareem, Fischer = Jordan, Magnus = Lebron

  22. Chess is old though? Thought all good moves Are known

  23. Chess is a mind game. No cheating one might think.. the brain stimulants now. You rally can't judge fairly

  24. He's got the weirdest accent. Sounds like a mixture of Russian, British and Middle Eastern.

  25. Magnus Carlsen thinks Kasparov is the greatest of all time so I love watching Kasparov not so quick to place anyone anywhere. He does importantly acknowledge that Magnus isn't winning in skill gap or time at reign. So maybe he thinks him 3rd.

  26. Lmfao what a tool, he just doesn’t want to say magnus is the best.

  27. All of them never won against me tho. So.

  28. This is why I know The Beatles are legendary yet I don't like their music…because I know they walked so that today's music can run.

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