Just Retire Already | Disrespect Speedrun 41

Hikaru’s talking trash and racing for Elo playing disrespectful openings! Part 41

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  1. The five time! He is smart! He is fast! And most importantly… he is incredibly good looking.

  2. "This guy joined a game with me, that's a blunder. I can punish that with…" proceeds to draw 100 arrows

  3. I believe Hikaru is holding onto some animosity from his latest defeat at the hands of legendary GM #1 world ranked Magnus Carlsen.

  4. Did he just phopshoped Dr.Disrespect xD

  5. bro seeing a gm calling the knight pony is so funny

  6. Imagine.. He disrespect Everyone with pawn but magnus in the last meeting with hikaru before finale, magnus win because of the pawn "disrespect" Move .. Ironic

  7. This disrespectful series is honestly more entertaining. Than I would like to admit

  8. Can someone tell me if hikaru has merchandise and if yes where can i buy It?

  9. Hikaru treats 2500s like I treat Martin how is this possible

  10. 16:52 one of the messages in the chat be like "does anyone else get like kind of terned on by the trashtalk"

  11. You did say 20-23, but it was a verbal typo (a verbo), so it came out as 20-22.

  12. The two guys being beaten twice and watching the last guy beat Hikaru ☠️

  13. Wow Hikaru really disrespected he’s chat like that

  14. That FM needs to go to the Hans Neimann School of Excellence.

  15. I love when I see a new video of dr hikaru puttin on the gloves and giving these noobs a chess colonic 😊

  16. 4:23 Hikaru is a time traveler confirmed "it's 2022 nobody has time"

  17. Hikaru: let's be serious
    Also hikaru: let's play A4

  18. Anyone know how to get the same effects on chess

  19. “ Levy course “ Bwahaha!! levy is such a twatt

  20. Somebody knows what's the difference between this and the also direspectful trash opening speedrun?'

  21. It is funny because Hikaru is trying hard to trash talk but it feels like he is being nice for some reason.

  22. Damn that last dude literally toyed and played with hikaru like he was a child;) hehe that’s embarrassing for a gm hikaru hahaha

  23. i really love this direspect speed run content of hikaru lol

  24. Could’ve took the light square bishop and had the rook pinned. Two pieces for one. Or free bishop.

  25. Hello, are parts of your thumbnails ai generated?

  26. True, u should just retire and play for fun now, meanwhile u can also play other games and do other things. Just so u can removie the "only chess player" label from above ur head

  27. Disrespect speedrun finale with a GothamChess 10-0 adoption?

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