It Took Me 2 Minutes and 41 Seconds to Destroy This Chess Player.

I played against The Great Carlini from @CoffeeChess and he got a little too confident so I had to show him how it’s done! Hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you thought about the game 🙂

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. O, you are Pia Cramling's daughter, are you? )

  2. hate this player all took away an then nervous play them i chop that hand then cant do that i laugh how he feel cant do that no more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can pretty much tell you nasty little girl, that you have no options. You're not as pretty as the guys who want to bang you say you are. Nobody no assets just a big mouth that guys can take advantage of. So what was that, what about your "options". You're trying to brag but you're not even that good.

  4. I'm confused, how is that checkmate? Couldn't he move his king forward one space?

  5. Putain, ils parlent beaucoup pour une partie d'échecs.

  6. Is she a professional? Why do they trash talk her so much then?

  7. CoffeeChess is excellent, and Anna is sweet

  8. God he was gross, so glad she kicked his ass.

  9. Thank you for showing us the world of chess.

  10. I don't understand, the game wasn't over, there was still a way out?

  11. Your ass just got handled,… Wasn't pretty. Lol!

  12. You get a like from me for the 2:33 “wakakaka wakaka achacha”

  13. I really dont get it.
    Please help.

    Why did he gave up?

    I love these videos but they explain nothing and teach you nothing.
    They just leave you back uneasy for being too stupid for whats going on.

  14. It amazes me how really….REALLY good players see the board. They're six or seven moves ahead and it's checkmate in no time. Way to go Anna.

  15. I don’t understand how she won, why he resigned

  16. You'd think anyone who plays chess seriously would be aware of this woman and not take the game lightly. But I suppose a hustler acts the same no matter what game they're hustling.

  17. I love it when men try to bully her . trash talk and then 💥

  18. I'm not that good of a chess player and I saw her coming with that a mile away.

  19. Why did he give up, can somebody explain? He could move the king forward, and then what?

  20. Used that strategy a-lot. Draw him out and let his ego take the best of him

  21. An utterly charming young woman, with a mind like a computer, those guys don’t have a chance!

  22. It's kind of sad how blonde, attractive women can just monopolize views for anything just based on sex appeal, not skillset. There are much more talented and skilled chess players on YouTube but they will never get a fraction of the subs and views she gets because she's blonde and attractive. Can anyone acknowledge this? Or is that not possible and we just have to keep pretending?

  23. Why didn't he go king e7? Sorry… New to this game…

  24. When their faces loose the assurance and turn on WTF !! She"s brillant !

  25. I used to read about her mother in chess magazines when Pia was Anna's age. I recognized the surname almost immediately. It sounds like the young Ms. Cramling is off to quite a career of her own. Best of luck!

  26. He's awful…I know that cause I'm awful lol.

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