Iranian chess player who competed without headscarf defects to Spain

One of Iran’s top-ranked female chess players, Sara Khadem, is planning to settle in Spain after taking part in an international tournament in Kazakhstan without a headscarf.

The 25-year-old player has become the latest sportswomen to defy Iran’s strict dress code since anti-government protests began in September, following the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the “morality police”.

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  1. evel bargain! thank GOD Mother Marry has proven to be too smart and blessed to fall for such useless and trifling enjoyment.

  2. They'll give her an apartment and $400 subsistence income. After a few months, she's be either on the streets or on OFans.

  3. #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور says:

    Remove everything just like Western Europeans

  4. But mahsa mini had a heart attack and was not murdered…..

  5. They are lucky they can protest in Iran.
    Muslim women wanting to wear head scarfs in France and India cannot even protest. In India they and their families will be killed.

  6. THOSE people aren't very tolerant now are they ?

  7. That law is meant to keep men from obtaining self control, it suggests that hairstyles causes arousal, then it justifies full length cover, calves or visible legs might cause a nationwide RAPE pandemic.

  8. Since they rejected the precursor of the coming of their expected "FIFTH IMAM", the consequence is the neverending killings of their own people on account of stubbornly clinging to the MISUNDERSTANDING of their HOLY SCRIPTURES. We all know the ancient attempt of GOD to have them in HIS flock. It's only left to figure that the REGION was overwhelmed by Satan. It only got worst AFTER the advent of "THE MESSIAH", in HIS ERA Satan set up converting houses known as "CHURCHES, as a control ploy, then covering the needs of another sector with "MOHAMMED" under volatile circumstances with the same need for places of worsip. The subsequent happening is subject of our history, showing the effect of "WILLFUL IGNORANCE". HE DID have a "COVENANT" with "HUMANITY" of "UPDATING THE SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS" in accordance to HUMANITIES NEEDS. Anyone claiming it for theirself…….

  9. Before helping russia in the war against ukraine…this news and movement was nowhere to heard or seen. After Iran helped Russia…this news is everywhere. Western society should leave the other countries alone since western countries should focus more to stabilize their own economy

  10. Islam is so fragile , can't handle women's hair .

  11. Shame on this whomen who lost our religious values and ashamed Iran for this

  12. Iran trained them in sports, and ask to cover their hairs only. And when they learned they betrayed their nation, just to earn dollars from America.

  13. Day of reckoning is inevitable as well… Keep up the horsefuckery Iran. You WILL eventually be put in your place by your people and it will not be pretty.

  14. Goood maybgood bless her and stay fighting people of Iran

  15. Well here's the issue, is she Muslim? Because it sounds like she isnt. If she isn't you can't make her wear the hijab. Even if she is you shouldn't force it as there is no compulsion in religion.

  16. Let me guess, a no name chess player found an easy way out from Iran to live “legally” abroad? Seen enough of this BS throughout my life. Reminds me of a female Beralus athlete who asked for asylum (during the Olympics) because she was ask to do one more track than initially planned.

  17. Rest of the world: Meh! Another attention wh*re.
    Americans: Waaaow! She's so brave.🥹🥲

  18. She not realized, her friends only want her leave Islam..and yet they leave her..only for that..but I think she no.longer a muslim..

  19. And these idiots go on about human rights like Palestinians.

  20. They got freedom from Islamic believes that a women is precious he should cover her…not only in Iran hijab is practiced in all Muslim countries….,

  21. Who cares. Chess players have 0 worth for the world.

  22. Every time I watch this I can only watch knowing that for all the outpouring of sympathy for an Muslim Iranian woman right of freedom to wear attire of her choice .THE SAME world and “so called “ freedom loving democracies REFUSE to give a single solitary damn when a PALESTINIAN WOMAN is SHOT IN COLD BLOOD or when the ZIONIST NAZI TERRORIST ANTISEMITIC GENOCIDAL ETHNIC CLEANSING ,HOLOCAUST perpetrating EXTREMIST STATE OF ISREALHELL does its SATANYAHOO

  23. Delusional women falling for the tricks of the devil (western society)
    May Allah guide them

  24. Everyone should help in destroying the destructive espionage and thieving regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to have a peaceful and advanced world. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and displaced due to the aggression of the dirty Iranian regime.. Long live freedom

  25. So sad. They can ran from man in this world 🌍 but they will never escape the punishment from Allah in the afterlife.

  26. You need to stop this issue off the scarf business about Iran.
    There are many other topics especially in Palestine where the Zionist Israel thugs brutalized the people of Palestine.

  27. Your government is unequal to your religion. Dont betray your religion to defy your government

  28. Brave women survives stay strong be proud you’re young and we need you in this world intelligent human.

  29. I believe in homo sapien, i want safety and freedom for all homo sapiens 🙏🌱❤️ love for this jong and talented woman, she or a other smart female will be a good leader for her country 📈🌱 a world for man is not what Allah created, only angry man misread and use books for justify their terror. But in my heart i feel love and respect with good spots of hope for a peaceful and happy future for females and minorities 🔮🌱📈🔆

  30. May Allah swt help us all to what is right and what is wrong. We forever need Allah swt guidance. We cannot go overboard. Follow the teachings of the sunnah and Al Quran. Insya Allah……may peace be with us

  31. These comments are from arabs and Islamic regime agents, ignore them. Freedom to Iranian women!!

  32. Do the people in the comment section not know about the current revolution happening in Iran? Do they not know Iranians are protesting against a misogynistic and brutal regime that has tortured their people and ruined their country for 44 years? The comments are all from naive people and fanatics.. sad. #freeiran

  33. It’s so obvious all of these comments are either from Arabs or from regime agents

  34. At least give her first class ticket ride home..

  35. bunch of problematic harpys

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