Iranian chess player was warned not to return to Iran after competing without hijab • FRANCE 24

An Iranian chess player arrived in Spain on Tuesday after receiving what a source close to her said were warnings not to return to Iran for competing without a hijab at an international tournament in Kazakhstan. Sara Khadem, born in 1997, took part in last week’s FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships in Almaty without the hijab – a headscarf mandatory under Iran’s strict dress codes.
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  1. All women of islamic countries who want no hizab shift to other country where are equal right for men n women and all those women all over the world want to be in hizab must go in Iraq an Iran Afghanistan and other Syria law imposed islamic countries..

  2. Awesome opportunities for many countries to take advantage of!Money-making Human resources (Sportspersons, Actors, Doctors, and Engineers) Plus the money of the wealthy (Bizmen, and The corrupt opressive officials), should be absorbed, because such so yesterday discriminatory laws would repel money-making individuals and absorb cost and destruction-making free-rider beggars & imposter sycophants.

  3. They're so emotionally abusive in Iran. 🥺

  4. She should stay in Spain and wont go back until this regime is gone for good

  5. If she had said something like hijab then would be something since related to their tradition but just like "When in Rome, do as Romans do" and she was playing chess outside and would be feeling pretty not fit in there with hijab, like if you are in Iran, wearing no hijab feeling kind of wrong there and maybe would not want to stand out so much

  6. It is like Americans are Americans everywhere, even I'd seen this American guy yelling at the ticket station in Europe for this person selling ticket not speaking English like "Can you speak English! Gosh!" and all that but mostly not born that way and would not want to have the attention more than we need so she might have thought, just blend into their culture

  7. She's going to mysteriously "fall out" of a fourth floor window if she goes back.

  8. Anyone that violates the law should be punished!

  9. WOMEN … LIFE … FREEDOM! The world needs to keep the Iranian's fight in the public eye.

  10. Look at Iranian women before 1979. Jimmy Carter brought Ayatollah to Iran and Taliban to Afghanistan in 1979 to stop Russian expansion in Middle East. 43 years of petroleum money made Ayatollah powerful. Now only Joe Biden can get rid of him. But why should he? USA is making money out of this chaos. USA and Russia destroyed Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine together. Billions of dollars of guns sold by these two.

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